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May 21, 2024

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Troubled Tidings: a Christmas novella (Vanishing Ranch Book 8) Over 1,100 5-Star Reviews!

A blown tire on a lonely desert road leads to Christmas Eve trouble.

Vanishing Ranch chef Dean Burns just needed to pick up a few things for Christmas dinner. When his tire blows on the way home, he assures coworker Kota Perez that they’ll be back on the road in no time.

Dean soon realizes the flat tire was no accident, and the simple trip transforms into a terrifying fight for survival. Robbers known as the Roadside Bandits have set their sights on the pair, and Dean and Kota have no choice but to leave the truck and run for their lives, striking out on foot into the vast Arizona desert.

Will Christmas tidings turn deadly this year? Or will Dean and Kota manage to pull off the ultimate Christmas takedown?

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The Robin's Greeting: Amish Greenhouse Mystery #3 A Season of Hope Is Coming

For the past two years Belinda King, along with her two grown daughters and teenage son, has been struggling to keep the family greenhouse running. Despite disconcerting events that have threatened to put them out of business, they have survived two growing seasons. And now Belinda can focus on the two suitors vying for her attention. Herschel Fisher, a new acquaintance, makes her feel relaxed, and Monroe Esh, an admirer from her past, reminds her of her youth.

But just when Belinda thinks she can choose between her suitors, life throws more trials her way. Her son, Henry, becomes bitter about the idea of her dating anyone, and attacks on the greenhouse start again.

When can Belinda hope to experience the peace and love her weary heart longs for?

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Dash For Cash: A Garden Girls Cozy Mystery (Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series Book 18) When a game show turns deadly, the Garden Girls pull together to help clear Ruth’s name after she becomes a finalist and the prime suspect.

After Ruth becomes a contestant on television’s hottest new game show, “Dash For Cash,” she enlists the help of her friends to make it to the show’s finale for a chance to win some serious cash.

Between one of Rose’s “special elixir” concoctions and some boot camp style physical fitness training from a coworker, Ruth is feeling more and more confident she’ll make the cut and asks Gloria to accompany her to the final elimination rounds.

Her confidence is crushed when one of the competitors ends up dead and all clues point to Ruth. Can Gloria and the Garden Girls help clear Ruth’s name or will her hopes of winning the cash be dashed while she’s sitting in a prison cell?

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Homegrown Herbs: A Complete Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying More than 100 Herbs Over 300 5-Star Reviews!

Enjoy a thriving, fragrant herb garden and use your harvest to bring beauty, flavor, and health to your everyday life.

Tammi Hartung provides in-depth profiles of 101 popular herbs, including information on seed selection, planting, maintenance, harvesting, and drying. Hartung also shows you how to use your herbs in a variety of foods, home remedies, body care products, and crafts.

Whether you’re a seasoned herbalist or planting your first garden, Homegrown Herbs will inspire you to get the most out of your herbs.

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Melody of the Heart: A Christian second chance romance (Magnolia Island Book 5) Aiden Jameson has spent the last decade and a half of his life at war in more ways than one. He’s never loved anyone but Charlotte (Charlie) Edwards, and has found healing from war wounds easier than healing from the mess she left behind.

Charlie has spent all that same time on the run from a dangerous criminal, doing her best to keep going in the ruins of a love she thought would last a lifetime.

When Charlie returns to Magnolia Island to help bring Randall Cromwell to justice, she comes face to face with her past in ways she never expected. Aiden isn’t the man she left behind, and his faith lay in broken pieces at their feet. Refusing to run again, her job at the bakery and life on the island keeps Charlie busy until it all comes to a head in one satisfying series finale.

Melody of the Heart is a story of romance and redemption that speaks to the power of God’s grace to heal all our broken places. It is the series finale, with each individual book following one of the Jameson siblings in their lives and loves. This story won’t make sense if you haven’t read the first four, so be sure to start with Oceans of Mercy and enjoy the ride!

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Wagon Train Baby: Love on the Santa Fe Trail (Wagon Train Romance Book 1) Over 3,500 5-Star Reviews!

A life-altering betrayal leaves Donna Grace alone, unmarried, and pregnant. She’s desperate to leave St. Louis, Missouri, and return to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she grew up, and the only way back is by wagon train.

The wagon master refuses to let a single woman drive a wagon without a male escort. Donna knows she can’t trust men, but it seems she’s going to have to partner with one if she wants to get back home.

Luke Russell failed to protect his fiancée. Because of his neglect, she was murdered. He vows to never leave another person to face dangers on their own and to never again open his heart to love. When he overhears Donna Grace’s predicament he offers her a marriage of convenience that they will dissolve as soon they reach Santa Fe.

But the trail forces them to work together. The birth of Donna’s baby unites them in a way they can’t deny. Will the dangers and joys of the Santa Fe Trail break down the barriers these two have built around their hearts?

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Complete Crochet Course: The Ultimate Reference Guide Over 900 5-Star Reviews!

“Their approach is thorough… a well-organized reference, up-to-date with the different cable, ribbing, and pattern stitches that are now popular.” —Booklist

Filled with step-by-step photography throughout for an easy-to-follow and fully visual experience, this unparalleled guide teaches you how to crochet from the very first stitch—and will keep you crocheting as you gain experience!

Complete Crochet Course explains all the tools, materials, and techniques you need, from choosing a hook and yarn to seaming, working in the round, handling specialty stitches, and adding details. Ten patterns are perfectly designed for novices eager to complete their first projects, while intermediates can enjoy mastering even more advanced skills.

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Have Mother, Will Travel: A Mother and Daughter Discover Themselves, Each Other, and the World (P.S.) A mother, a daughter, and a life-changing adventure around the world…

Their best-selling memoir, Come Back, moved and inspired with the story of Mia Fontaine’s harrowing drug addiction and her mother, Claire’s, desperate and ultimately successful attempts to save her. Now it’s a decade later and Claire and Mia each face a defining moment in her life, and a mother-daughter relationship that has frayed around the edges.

At 51, Claire’s shed her identity as Mia’s savior but realizes that, oops, she forgot to plan for life after motherhood; Mia, 25 and eager to step outside her role as recovery’s poster child, finds adult life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Determined to transform themselves and their relationship once again, the pair sets off on a five-month around-the-world adventure.

What awaits them is an extraordinary, often hilarious journey through 20 cities and 12 countries – one that includes mishaps, mayhem, and unexpected joys, from a passport-eating elephant to a calamitous camel ride around the Pyramids – and finally making peace with their tumultuous past in the lavender fields of France, where they live for the last four months of the trip.

Seeing how self-possessed and community-minded twentysomethings are in other countries broadens Mia’s perspective, helping her grow, and grow up. Claire uses the trip to examine her broken relationship with her own mother, a Holocaust survivor, and to create a vision for her second act.

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Murder on Summer Lane: A Garden Girls Cozy Mystery (Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series Book 22) Over 900 5-Star Reviews!

The Garden Girls have planned the perfect baby shower for Andrea and her husband, Brian.

The decorations are in place, the delicious dishes lovingly prepared by the friends and nearly half the town of Belhaven has been invited to join in the joyous occasion, but there’s trouble on the horizon…

As if dealing with the unexpected wrench in their perfectly laid party plans isn’t enough, Liz, Gloria’s sister, has arrived for the summer, and invited the friends to stop by for a tour of her swanky new summer digs.

The friends tour the beautiful home and grounds, and Gloria can’t believe her sister’s good fortune. It seems almost to be too good to be true.

But all is not perfect in Liz’s slice of paradise. She hasn’t even unpacked her bags when the women make an unsettling discovery, setting Liz up as the prime suspect for a murder investigation.

With a killer on the loose, will Gloria and the Garden Girls convince Liz to give up her dream summer home long enough to clear her name and keep her from becoming the next victim?

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