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March 14, 2023

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A Sea Glass Christmas (Sea Glass Inn Book 5) Trace Murphy has put everyone around her on the naughty list.

The inn is full for the holidays and no one seems to care that crimes are being committed right under all of their noses! Well, no one except for the Ryan Gosling-lookalike in the Florence Suite …

The inn’s longtime concierge never let it bother her that the staff seemed to take her for granted. But with a looming milestone birthday, along with a general sense of unease, Trace is in need of a miracle.

Will secrets and mystery ruin Trace’s holiday? Or will she find joy–and a new love this Christmas–at the Sea Glass Inn?

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Parenting with Words of Grace: Building Relationships with Your Children One Conversation at a Time How you speak to your kids today will impact your relationship with them tomorrow.

As a parent, your words are powerful. What you say and how you say it has the potential to either invite your children into deeper relationship with you or push them away. What’s more, in a very real sense, your words represent—or misrepresent—God’s words to his children— meaning they have the power to shape how your children view their heavenly Father.

Offering practical guidance for grace-filled communication in the midst of the craziness of everyday life, this accessible guide will help you speak in ways that reflect the grace God has shown to you in the gospel.

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Attempt to Locate (Lantern Beach P.D. Book 2) A deadly trio of robbers. A missing woman. A community in crisis.

A fun girls’ night out turns into a nightmare when armed robbers barge into the store where Cassidy and her friends are shopping. As the situation escalates and the men escape, a massive manhunt launches on Lantern Beach to apprehend the dangerous trio.

In the midst of the chaos, a potential foe asks for Cassidy’s help. He needs to find his sister who fled from the secretive Gilead’s Cove community on the island. But the more Cassidy learns about the seemingly untouchable group, the more her unease grows.

The pressure to solve both cases continues to mount. But as the gravity of the situation rises, so does the danger. Cassidy is determined to protect the island and break up the cult… but doing so might cost her everything.

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Unclutter Your Soul: Overcome What Overwhelms You A unique biblical and practical approach to uncluttering our internal thoughts and feelings.

We all want our lives to change for the better–to become the healthiest versions of ourselves in spirit, soul, and body. Yet we still struggle. Author Trina McNeilly, looking for order in her own life, embarked on an inward journey to the home of her heart and soul to find healing and health from the inside out.

Unclutter Your Soul is for all of us who are cluttered and overwhelmed with loss, fear, chronic stress, unhealthy coping mechanisms, crippling depression, or anxiety. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, Trina says we can learn to

  • observe: acknowledge the clutter,
  • own: make space for a healthy internal environment, and
  • overcome: take action with tools for living clutter-free from the inside out.

Each chapter in these three sections is written as an essay and concludes with practical and soulful tips as well as prompts to put them into action. With discussion questions and a prayer guide, Unclutter Your Soul is the ultimate resource for finding freedom in our everyday lives by releasing limited mindsets and creating more space for peace and joy.

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A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love, and Faith Step into a Life of Grace
At thirty-three, dealing with a difficult job and a creeping depression, Lori Smith embarked on a life-changing journey following the life and lore of Jane Austen through England.

With humor and spirit, Lori leads readers through landscapes Jane knew and loved–from Bath and Lyme, to London and the Hampshire countryside–and through emotional landscapes in which grace and hope take the place of stagnation and despair. Along the way, Lori explores the small things, both meanness and goodness in relationships, to discover what Austen herself knew: the worth of an ordinary life.

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The Shop Keepers (The Pattern Artist Series Book 3) 1919 New York City: World War I is over and the world tries to recover and start fresh. The ladies of the dress store, Unruffled–Annie, Edna, Maude and Henrietta–have been friends for years. Their bond has grown, as has their dedication to their families, their business, and their desire to make their lives matter. Join these amazing women in this satisfying conclusion to the Pattern Artist Series.

Annie Culver: Annie and Sean have two young daughters. But Sean hasn’t returned from the war; he is missing. Annie tries to remain hopeful, and focuses on their dress store. She is caught off guard when a suave salesman gives her attention. She misses Sean beyond words.

Edna Holmquist: Edna is the matriarch of the group and oversees sewing the dresses for Unruffled. As she turns sixty, Edna considers a new beau. And someone else…

Henrietta Holmquist: Henrietta married Edna’s son, Steven, and they have two little boys. Steven has returned from the war, but he mentally and emotionally suffers from its affects. Henrietta has no idea how to help him. She struggles to handle his issues, her boys, and the bookkeeping duties of Unruffled.

Maude Ricci: Maude married the widower Antonio and is the mother of his two teenage children. With the war over, she gets the idea to offer wedding dresses to its customers. While using her creative side, Maude deals with her rebellious and talented daughter, Gela. A man from her past threatens her happy life.

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Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children Parenting can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems like all we do is give directions and all children do is disobey. How can we promote good behavior and a peaceful home without becoming harsh drill sergeants on the one hand or passive pushovers on the other?

This book aims to help you better understand loving correction through clear steps and practical tips aimed at transforming not only your children’s behavior but also their hearts. Rooted in three principles— keep it God-centered, always mean what you say, and reward obedience rather than disobedience—this is a guide to consistent, faithful discipline that mirrors the grace-giving, truth-speaking God of the Bible and sets the tone for a loving, joy-filled home.

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Half Witted (Squeaky Clean In Between Mysteries Book 1) She’s never lost a dead body before. But there’s a first time for everything…

Crime-scene cleaner Gabby St. Claire is used to dealing with the aftermath of crimes—not the dead people left behind. But she has bills to pay, so when an opportunity arises to make some extra cash, Gabby agrees to help an acquaintance transport a deceased man from his home to the mortician.

However, before they can move the body, the corpse vanishes into thin air, and Gabby is left holding the bag.

Fearful that negligence on her part could harm her future career choices, Gabby races to find the corpse before anyone discovers he’s missing. But as she searches for clues, she begins to suspect the stiff isn’t the only thing that stinks around here.

Something sinister is underway, and the foul play began even before the man expired. Can Gabby uncover the truth and salvage her future in law enforcement? Or will the half-witted thief disappear for good and take her reputation with him?

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Sing a New Song: Recovering Psalm Singing for the Twenty-First Century The book of Psalms occupies a unique place in Scripture, being both the Word from God and words to God from His people. Unfortunately, psalm singing no longer plays an integral part of worship in most evangelical churches.

In this book, thirteen well-respected scholars urge the church to rediscover the treasure of the Psalms as they examine the history of psalm singing in the church, present biblical reasons for the liturgical practice, and articulate the practical value it provides us today.

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