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June 20, 2024

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Twisted Lies (Nutfield Saga Book 2) Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

She thought they’d never find her…

Marisa Vega’s life as an adoptive mom in a tiny Mexican village isn’t what she’d dreamed while growing up in New York, but as the target of a man who’s convinced she stole millions from him, hiding is her only way to stay alive. When her daughter Ana is snatched and held for ransom, Marisa must discover who really stole the money in order to rescue her.

He swore he’d never play the hero again…

Months after being kidnapped, tortured, and left with PTSD, Nate Boyle is ready to live a quiet life in rural New Hampshire. When the source of his breakout newspaper article—and the woman who haunts his dreams—begs for help, he gets pulled into a riddle that’s proved unsolvable for nearly a decade.

Can Nate and Marisa unravel the years-old mystery and bring her daughter home?

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His Bundle of Love HEAVENLY FATHER,

I would love to be a dad, to hold a sticky hand while we watch a ball game. But is Caitlin Williams’s daughter coming into my arms at birth part of Your plan?

Caitlin named me as the dad so her preemie could receive urgent medical care. That’s why I brought the Williams women home with me until Caitlin gets back on her feet. I sense she’s hiding something about her past—I wish she’d realize secrets can tear you apart.

Now I can’t imagine my life without them. I’ve even proposed to Caitlin—for the baby’s sake, of course. But convincing Caitlin to make the three of us a family will be no easy task.

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Glimmer in the Darkness (Coventry Saga) Over 1,500 5-Star Reviews!

A little girl was kidnapped, and Cassidy is the only person who can save her…assuming she can avoid the police–and the ex-boyfriend who thinks she’s a murderer.

As a foster child whose mother was in prison for murder, Cassidy was an outcast in her small New Hampshire town until she met James. He and his family loved her like nobody ever had. But when she was babysitting James’s little sister, she and the little girl were kidnapped. She escaped, but James’s sister didn’t survive, and everybody assumed Cassidy killed her. Like mother, like daughter, after all.

With public opinion and the authorities united against her, Cassidy fled. Now, a decade later, another little girl has been kidnapped, and Cassidy is the only person who can save her.

He doesn’t know who to trust.

James never believed Cassidy killed his sister, no matter what the authorities said. When his best friend’s daughter is snatched a decade after Hallie’s murder, unlike the rest of the town, James doesn’t suspect Cassidy…until he finds her sneaking around his property. If she’s not guilty, what is she doing back in Coventry? Her answer—that she’s returned to find little Ella and she needs his help—has him reeling.

Can he trust Cassidy, despite what the police believe? If there’s any chance he can save Ella, he has to try.

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How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture, Then and Now James Kugel’s essential introduction and companion to the Bible combines modern scholarship with the wisdom of ancient interpreters for the entire Hebrew Bible.

As soon as it appeared, How to Read the Bible was recognized as a masterwork, “wonderfully interesting, extremely well presented” (The Washington Post). Now, this classic remains the clearest, most inviting and readable guide to the Hebrew Bible around—and a profound meditation on the effect that modern biblical scholarship has had on traditional belief.

Moving chapter by chapter, Harvard professor James Kugel covers the Bible’s most significant stories—the Creation of the world, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the flood, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and his wives, Moses and the exodus, David’s mighty kingdom, plus the writings of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the other prophets, and on to the Babylonian conquest and the eventual return to Zion.

Throughout, Kugel contrasts the way modern scholars understand these events with the way Christians and Jews have traditionally understood them. The question that this book ultimately asks is: What now? As one reviewer wrote, Kugel’s answer provides “a contemporary model of how to read Sacred Scripture amidst the oppositional pulls of modern scholarship and tradition.”

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Seaside Cowboy's Fairy Tale (Seaside Cowboys Book 4) Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

While her childhood might be similar to Cinderella’s, she rescues others instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her. And she’d never fall for the subject of her investigation, a charming and mysterious CEO, right?

Private investigator / bodyguard Rachel Arvidson has to run from the masquerade ball, her suave dance partner, Tex Lawrence, and yes, even leave her sparkly shoe behind to chase a thief. Her client wants Rachel to trail Tex, but once she blows her cover to save Tex’s life and gets to know him better, she questions everything. His guilt. Her no-dating rule. And who’s really behind the jewelry thefts plaguing the coastal small-town community.

The beautiful stranger takes Tex Lawrence’s breath away twice—the second time by knocking him to the ground. Unlike his cowboy brothers who’ve gotten married in quick succession, he chose a different path. But this once-betrayed workaholic might risk his bruised heart again for Rachel. What will he do when he learns her secret?

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Sheltering Her Courageous Heart (First Families of Flat River Book 5) Over 300 5-Star Reviews!

A man yearning for forgiveness. A woman fulfilling a promise; the danger that brings them together.

Caleb Chapman has never recovered from his brother’s death. He blames himself and vows to spend his remaining days protecting his family. The chance for adventure calls when he leads a cattle drive from Texas to Nebraska. What he doesn’t expect is to find a beautiful woman with no memory of who she is or how she got there.

Lydia Whitcomb has no memory of why she’s on the run or protecting a seven-year-old boy. She just knows that something terrible has happened and she is now on a cattle drive to Nebraska. What she doesn’t expect is a handsome cowboy to watch over her until her memory can return.

What is the secret Lydia has been hiding? Will Lydia be able to hide her feelings for Caleb as easily as she hides her memories? Once her secret comes to light, will it tear the couple apart, or finally be the reckoning they need?

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Cowboy Falling Hard (Coming Home to North Dakota Western Sweet Romance Book 8) Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

Famous pro-baseball player, Dwight Eckenrode, never thought he’d need the services of a group of small-town matchmakers.

But nothing he does seems to catch the eye of Orchid Baldwin, and he’s just desperate enough to go along with his best friend’s suggestion – hire the Piece Makers.

Except the Piece Makers don’t want him… So now what?

Orchid Baldwin has heard the rumors – the big shot ball player has a thing for her. But she’s not interested in a man who can’t stop talking about himself.

Not until she realizes that everything he’s saying is an effort to let her know that he’s hoping to be good enough for her, since he’d never been accepted anywhere just for himself – it was always his accomplishments that people admired.

Can Orchid see past the bluster to the man of character who wants to make a life with her?

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