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May 28, 2023

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Love on the Mend: A Full Steam Ahead Novella After serving as a doctor during the War Between the States, Jacob Sadler wants nothing more than to establish a quiet country practice in rural Texas. But he knows he’ll never find peace until he buries the pain of his past. To that end, he accepts a job in Cold Spring, Texas–the town he’s avoided for seventeen years–and discovers his past is definitely still alive and kicking.

When a new doctor arrives in town and saves her brother’s leg, Mollie Tate quickly puts him on a hero’s pedestal. But then the new doc insults her “Uncle” Curtis. Years ago, Curtis Sadler rescued Mollie when no one else cared. How could he possibly be the villain the new doctor believes him to be?

Jacob doesn’t know what to make of the young woman who assists him like a seasoned nurse one minute only to take a strip out of his hide the next. Yet the sparks that fly between them make him feel more alive than he has in a long time. As respect for his young nurse turns into something deeper, can he set aside the pain from his past to embrace this new love, or are some sins too big to be forgiven?

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What on Earth Am I Here For? Purpose Driven Life (The Purpose Driven Life) Over 2,300 5-Star Reviews!

An evangelistic booklet based on the first three chapters of the New York Times #1 bestselling book The Purpose Driven Life.

This small booklet will start your journey in knowing your life’s purpose and living the life you were meant to live, which will:

  • Give your life meaning
  • Simplify your life
  • Focus your life
  • Increase your motivation
  • Prepare you for eternity

To continue the journey, purchase the full-length edition of The Purpose Driven Life–available in audiobook, ebook, softcover, and hardcover editions.

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Rainbow Cottage (Love Endures) Over 400 5-Star Reviews!

Shelia Ainslee is on a mission to clear her mother’s good name by coming face-to-face with a grandmother she never knew.

It’s no secret Grandmother Ainslee resented her son’s marriage to a cabaret singer, but Shelia knows her mother only did what she had to. What Shelia discovers takes her by surprise, and leads her to a new home and a chance at love she never thought possible. If only a dangerous past remains behind her…

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Crochet For Beginners: A Complete Step By Step Guide With Picture illustrations To Learn Crocheting The Quick & Easy Way Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews!

Do you wish you had a complete beginners guide to crochet without feeling lost in between steps?

Crochet for Beginners is the complete crochet kindle book for you as we have included step-by-step guides with clear picture illustrations so you can learn the basics such as crochet stitches, how to read charts and buy the correct equipment so you can master all the crochet basics for beginners to get started.

Crochet for Beginners includes:

  • Step-by-step guide: Clear & precise crochet instructions for beginners so you will not feel lost in between steps
  • Clear picture illustrations: High quality illustrations with each step so you can understand the instructions better
  • 27 Crochet Beginners Hacks: Top tips, tricks & hacks every beginner crocheter needs to know to avoid costly mistakes & learn faster
  • 25 Beginner crochet patterns: Beginner crochet patterns with complete instructions & pictures are included within the book so you can start to create your own beautiful crochet patterns immediately

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Saving Sarah (The Gold Coast Retrievers) From New York Times bestselling author Melissa Storm comes a wholesome story about the power of hope, mercy, and second chances.


Sarah Campbell and her therapy dog, Lucky bring smiles and joy to the residents of Redwood Cove Rest Home. The shy nurse is content to live vicariously through her patients who regale her with stories from their pasts.

When one of the residents asks for Sarah to assist in setting things right with her past, she jumps at the chance to help. But soon it looks like she and Lucky may have stumbled upon the key to solving the most famous cold case in Gold Cost history.


Finch Jameson built a social app that put him on top of the world—until it all came crashing down around him. Now he wants to live a life of reclusive solitude where he can nurse his wounded pride in peace.

When his distant great-aunt delivers an intriguing confession, Finch goes to discuss the matter in person. From the moment he arrives in Redwood Cove, he’s more intrigued by the shy nurse with the golden retriever than he is by the mystery itself.

The more time Sarah and Finch spend working to redeem his great-aunt’s legacy, the more their attraction for each other grows. Can Lucky help them solve a mystery and nudge them toward a happily-ever-after before time runs out?

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A Match to Call Ours: Sweet contemporary Christian Romance (Front Porch Promises Book 1) Brittany Gorman needs a job, but nanny to six-year-old twin girls isn’t exactly what she’s looking for. Their single father, Parker Watson, isn’t sure hiring Brittany is the right move, but he’s desperate for help.

Soon Brittany is charming the twins and their father as well. But Parker still clings to the bitterness of his past, a past that has made him a recluse on his isolated Montana ranch, distanced him from God, and kept him from finding love.

Can Brittany’s prayers and two little matchmakers soften Parker’s heart and help him find love with his perfect Montana match?

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Down Where My Love Lives Collected together for the first timeDylan and Maggie’s love story.

📚 2-Books-in-1 📚

Down Where My Love Lives is a bittersweet yet triumphant love story—a tale of one man’s spiritual journey through the darkness of despair into the light of hope.

The Dead Don’t Dance was New York Times best-selling author Charles Martin’s debut novel. Even then, the deep characters and emotional power for which he has become so well-known were apparent in his writing. Now, this story—and its sequel—are together in one volume.

The Dead Don’t Dance—A sleepy rural town in South Carolina. The end of summer and a baby about to be born. But in the midst of hope and celebration comes unexpected tragedy, and Dylan Styles must come to terms with both love and loss. Will the music of his heart be stilled forever—or will he choose to dance with life once more?

Maggie—Life began again for Dylan Styles when his beloved wife Maggie awoke from a coma. In this poignant love story that is redolent with Southern atmosphere, Dylan and Maggie must accept their past before they can embrace their future.

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To A Brighter Tomorrow: A Family Saga Christian Historical Romance (The Belle Fourche Chronicles Book 2) A sheep farmer embroiled in a generational feud. A half-Indian trying avoid everyone. When the battle puts her in danger, will he risk everything to save her?

To inherit half his father’s land, Gideon must follow the tyrant’s orders. He’s known nothing but work his entire life until Josephine saves him from a bear attack. Now he finds himself drawn to her, even though his father would never approve of a woman like her. Loving her could get him disowned. Helping her could get him killed.

Josephine is used to hate. She is rejected by her mother’s Indian family and abused by her father and his ilk. Forced to work to survive, she sees no way to escape. Gideon’s acts of tenderness are a balm to her soul. But when she is beaten and imprisoned for helping him she needs to return to her solitude. Running for her life seems like the only option.

What can Gideon do when there’s nothing good left of his life? Will he choose to chase after the woman he loves, or try to hold on to the only home he’s ever known?

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The Day of Ezekiel's Hope Millions have vanished…War has erupted around the globe…Cities have been ransacked and overrun with lawlessness…Yet this is only the beginning of the chaos that is to come.

Emma Grady has seen civilization collapse and New York gutted by nuclear attack. Amidst this international crisis, she and her growing family of outcasts must unravel the meaning of these strange and horrifying events, even as they struggle to survive.

On the other side of the world, Zerah Adler finds Israel surrounded by invaders intent on total annihilation. In Jerusalem, two men have the power to stop the rain and call down plagues of every kind. Are they sorcerers, or do they have the power of God? And a magnetic new leader has emerged, promising to provide peace and even salvation to the globe.

In the gripping follow-up to The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, bestselling author Donna VanLiere explores the end times through the journeys of Emma, Zerah, and others who face unprecedented danger. In the final chapters, you’ll discover what God’s Word says about our world’s future and yours—and realize that things aren’t spiraling downward but are actually looking up!

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Courage for the Cowboy (Whispering Oaks Ranch Book 2) He believes people always leave. Will she be the one to stay?

Jenson Macklin loves working with horses and keeping his family laughing. It’s easier to bury the pain of his past by working hard and cracking jokes. But when he is saddled with a niece and nephew he didn’t know he had, everything changes.

When Sierra Carter gets the chance to run her own training program at Whispering Oaks Ranch, it’s a dream come true. Even better when she meets the handsome cowboy who makes her weak in the knees. Except he’s got a family to worry about, and she’s used to flying solo.

Jenson enjoys working with Sierra, but he’s not ready to let someone in. He needs to protect his new charges—and his heart.

When it comes down to taking a chance or losing her altogether, will Jenson have the courage to say yes to the future?

Courage with The Cowboy is book two in the Whispering Oaks Ranch series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but would best be enjoyed in order.

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