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January 22, 2023

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An Amish Adoption (Short Story) : Includes Amish Recipes Over 100 5-Star Reviews!

Emily and Dylan have always wanted a child of their own, and they’ve fostered children for years. Each time a child leaves their care, the void returns and takes a piece of their hearts.

When Emily’s estranged sister dies in an accident, the tragedy leaves six-year-old, Noah, with only one living relative—Emily. With their experience fostering, Emily and her husband are easily granted legal adoption of Noah. They welcome the child with open arms and enough love to last several lifetimes.

Caroline Yoder was Lauren’s best friend. When Lauren was down and out, Caroline and her husband, Abraham, welcomed then-pregnant Lauren into their Amish community, where she was later baptized. Noah was raised Amish, is devastated by the loss of his mother, and when he is taken from the only life he’s ever known to be raised by Emily and Dylan, heartache follows for all involved.

Will Noah adjust to his new parents in an unfamiliar world and fill the void in Emily and Dylan’s life? Or will God intervene and reveal the plans He has for all of them?

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Slow Road to Love: A Mature-Age Christian Romance (A Sunburned Land Series Book 1) Over 1,300 5-Star Reviews!

A divorced reporter on a remote assignment. An alluring cattleman who captures her heart…

City dwelling Maggie Donovan is trying her best to let go of her resentment after her high-profile politician husband of thirty-five years left her for a much younger woman. Her focus now is her job as a reporter for the Country Women’s Magazine, her two adult children, and her church.

She doesn’t care that her ex-husband now has a child who could be his grandchild… No. It doesn’t worry her at all.

Frank Goddard has never considered moving on after his beautiful wife, Esther, was killed in a freak accident six years earlier. His family, who live with him on Goddard Downs, a cattle station in northern Australia, plus his faith, are what he lives for now.

But he’s lonely. He just doesn’t know it.

When Maggie is sent to the remote, mysterious Kimberley area to write about women living on isolated cattle stations, she jumps at the chance. A change is as good as a holiday, so they say.

Never did she expect to fall for the tall, handsome Frank Goddard of Goddard Downs…

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Say Yes When Life Says No Many people understand what it feels like when life continually throws obstacles, prejudice, hardship, and economic challenge in what seems an endless string of misfortune. It can feel like life constantly challenges us with “no” in the form of:

  • Loneliness
  • Judgment
  • Negativity
  • Sickness
  • Death, and more

But when we draw on the same faith as the blind man in John Chapter 9, we learn to trust that Jesus will know our plight, show up and give us what we need to not only turn our life course, but to also have our hearts sing “yes!”

Drawn from the remarkable life experiences of one man, Say Yes When Life Says No includes a first-hand account of Rev. Dr. DeForest Soaries – pastor, husband, father, public servant, and cancer survivor. Enriched with personal stories and vivid Biblical references, Dr. Soaries provokes us to see every obstacle in life as an opportunity and every burden as a potential blessing.

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Longing for Lily: A Christian Second-Chance Romance (The Bloom Sisters Book 5) A rift twelve years in the making, and a second chance to do it right.

Lily Bloom is confident, capable, and better off alone. She experienced true love once, and she thinks she’ll never find it again. Instead, she throws her energy into building her event business at Storybook Barn, helping others take the dive into happily ever after.

Josh Elliot is the life of the party, with a successful photography business and wonderful friends. But there is something missing. He never had a doubt about the woman God made for him, but he failed her twelve years ago. Forever isn’t in the cards for them, but since she started hosting weddings at Bloom’s Farm, he is tortured with the unobtainable love of his life nearly every weekend.

Lily’s wedding venue and Josh’s photography business bring their worlds colliding once again, bringing old wounds to the surface and forcing the question: is what happened twelve years ago going to keep them apart forever? Or can God rescue the pieces of the love they once shared?

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A Chance for Christmas: Last Chance Brides Book #19 In a town struggling to survive, can love bring two people together?

At the tender age of eight, Christmas Macy’s life takes a dramatic turn when her parents suddenly die. She’s forced to live in an orphanage near Denver, Colorado, with a woman who doesn’t take kindly to children, and most definitely not to Christmas.

Now in her twenties, Christmas is heartbroken. The place she’s called home for over fourteen years is being stripped away, along with her best friend. She travels to the drought-ridden town, not knowing what her future holds. Being told over and over she’s unworthy of love, she lets go of the dream of having a family of her own, especially after she meets him.

The sudden death of Jacob Lovejoy’s mother leaves him and his father spinning. In his grief, the young man struggles to find the joy he once had. He can’t seem to move away from the pain of losing his ma, let alone help his pa figure out how to move on without the love of his life.

When Jacob meets Christmas, he’s instantly drawn to the dark-haired beauty. But watching his father’s sadness, he isn’t sure he wants to experience the heartache love will ultimately bring.

Can Christmas help Jacob see love is worth the risk? Can Jacob show Christmas she is worthy of love? Will they both learn to seek God’s will for their lives?

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Deadly Holidays (Double Down Book 4) The series finale finds Steve on the run, a fugitive from the law. Despite the heat on him, he sticks around Washington DC determined to bring down the blackmailer.

Rachel uses her pull as a senator to confront the man who took everything from her. In return, the blackmailer hires hitmen to take her out. Can she face her fears, get the proof the FBI needs to make an arrest, and somehow end this nightmare?

As Christmas approaches the team faces attack. All the way from Washington to South America, the fate of the nation is on the line. Double Down must face their greatest foe and through it all stay true to themselves and each other.

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The Blessing of Babies: A Glover Family Saga Novella (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance Book 8) Over 800 5-Star Reviews!

Don’t miss out on a single moment of the Glover family saga in this bridge story linking Ward and Judge’s love stories!

Willa, Holly Ann, Montana, and Zona all have babies coming, one right after the other in the first four months of the year. What will their names be? How will the deliveries go? Will Zona really be able to mother her baby girl when she wishes it was a boy?

Not only that, but who will Etta meet on the dating app she’s secretly been using? Can Ida really handle being a new mother to twins while her busy policeman husband goes back to work?

Dot’s having second thoughts about literally everything, and Libby Bellamore actually gives away a kiss to a man she’s sure will break her heart…

Charlie has to get out of her comfort zone now that she’s a full-time Glover on the ranch, and both Sammy and Oakley are already thinking about having yet another baby…

Then there’s June. Oh, June, who has so many feelings for Judge. She’s also made promises to herself and her daughter she doesn’t want to break, and she’s got that super successful Internet business to run. Can she ever find a way to spend time with the cowboy who’s been waiting for her for so long?

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The Map Across Time (The Gates of Heaven Series Book 2) An ancient curse plagues the kingdom of Sherbourne, and unless it is stopped, all will fall to ruin. The King, obsessed with greed, cannot see the danger. But his teenage twin children, Aletha and Adin, know they must act. A hermit leads Adin to a magical map that will send him back in time to discover the origin of the curse. Once back, Adin must find the Keeper, who protects the Gate of Heaven, but all he has is a symbol as a clue to guide him. Unbeknown to Adin, Aletha follows her brother, but they both arrive in Sherbourne’s past at the precipice of a great war, and there is little time to discover how to counteract the curse.

One unexpected disaster after another forces the twins to make difficult choices. Adin’s only hope to correct the past is to return to the future to manipulate events so his quest can succeed. Through his trials and failures, Adin learns that nothing can stop heaven from accomplishing its goal, and that all events work for the good of those who trust heaven. An epic fairy tale with surprising twists, embracing the enduring power of love and faith.

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The Robe Over 800 5-Star Reviews!

More than 6 million copies sold! The classic Christian novel of the crucifixion and one Roman soldier’s transformation through faith.

At the height of his popularity, Lloyd C. Douglas was receiving an average of one hundred letters a week from fans. One of those fans, a department store clerk in Ohio named Hazel McCann, wrote to Douglas asking what he thought had happened to Christ’s garments after the crucifixion. Douglas immediately began working on The Robe, sending each chapter to Hazel as he finished it. It is to her that Douglas dedicated this book. A Roman soldier wins Christ’s robe as a gambling prize. He then sets forth on a quest to find the truth about the Nazarene—a quest that reaches to the very roots and heart of Christianity. Here is the fascinating story of this young Roman soldier, Marcellus, who was in charge at the crucifixion of Jesus. After he won Christ’s robe in a game of dice on Calvary, he experienced a slow and overpowering change in his life. Through the pages of this great book, the reader sees how a pagan Roman was eventually converted to Christ.

Set against the vividly drawn background of ancient Rome, this is a timeless story of adventure, faith, and romance, a tale of spiritual longing and ultimate redemption…

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Praying for Your Elephant: Boldly Approaching Jesus with Radical and Audacious Prayer Get ready to re-ignite, re-imagine, and repurpose your prayer life while experiencing great intimacy with God.

This is an invitation to identify your elephants—to name, through specific and strategic prayers, the 100 most important and audacious petitions you can imagine. These are the elephants that—if answered by God—would be game changers in your life and perhaps the world.

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