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April 13, 2024

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Embers of Hope Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

It’s easier to hide from pain than to face it…

Iris Beiler has lost everything in a devastating fire – her family, her home, and her faith.

As the only survivor, she moves to a new Amish community in the hopes of starting anew with her aunt, but her pains follow her just the same.

People mock her for her scars and stare at her, leaving her feeling isolated and trapped within her own walls. It seems safer to hide from the world than face the cruel judgments of others.

In a world where all hope seems lost, how can she find joy in her life?

Not even the friendly May Stolzfus or the handsome Wayne Bontrager can coax her out of her self-imposed isolation. Her heart is shrouded in darkness, and it feels impossible to let anyone in.

Will she find the strength to heal her scars, inside and out, and open her heart to love and joy again?

Embers of Hope is a moving Amish Romance tale of resilience, forgiveness, and how the power of love can mend even the most broken spirits.

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Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge Over 6,000 5-Star Reviews!

Do you pray as often and as boldly as you want to? There is a way to experience a deeper, more passionate, persistent, and intimate prayer life.

Drawing from forty days of true stories, Mark Batterson applies the principles of his New York Times bestselling book The Circle Maker to teach us a new way to pray. As thousands of readers quickly became many tens of thousands, true stories of miraculous and inspiring answers to prayer began to pour in, and as those stories were shared, others were bolstered in their faith to pray with even more boldness.

In Draw the Circle, through forty true, faith-building stories of God’s answers to prayer, daily scriptures and prayer prompts, Batterson inspires you to pray and keep praying like never before. Begin a lifetime of watching God work. Believe in the God who can do all things. Experience the power of bold prayer and even bolder faith in Draw the Circle.

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Spring's Renewal: Seasons of Sugarcreek, Book Two Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

Tim Graber arrives in Sugarcreek to help his aunt and uncle with spring planting. At first, Tim doesn’t fit in with his many cousins and their crowded lifestyle. But when he meets Clara Slabaugh, the local school teacher, he understands why the Lord brought him to Sugarcreek.

Clara is shy and quiet. Scarred from a fire when she was small, Clara has resigned herself to living alone and caring for her mother, who tells her that no man will ever see past her scars, and that Clara needs to keep teaching in order to make ends meet. Her father passed away years ago, and her mother depends on her. But the scars mean nothing to Tim. He appreciates her quiet nature and her wonderful, loving way with children. Yet Tim has a sweetheart back home in Indiana. As these two hearts struggle to determine their path, tragedy strikes, and every other worry seems insignificant in comparison.

Though they now face a life they never imagined, will Tim and Clara have the faith to step out and risk everything for a chance at true love?

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Pray First: The Transformative Power of a Life Built on Prayer Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian faith–but many followers of Jesus still struggle to make prayer part of their daily lives. In Pray First, bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges shows us how to make prayer a first response instead of a last resort.

Why is it that so many Christians find it difficult to develop a vibrant and exciting prayer life? Even though prayer is foundational to the Christian life, many are intimidated or uncertain about how to talk to God. Prayer feels quaint and old-fashioned to some, sacred and uncomfortable to others. It’s not a lack of inspiration–there’s plenty of that. And it’s not that we don’t realize prayer is important–we know it is. So, what’s the issue?

Pastor Chris Hodges has spent years studying the prayers of the Bible and the models of prayer that the scriptures provide for Christians. Now, he shares the teachings and methods he’s used to successfully help hundreds of thousands of people understand how to spend time in conversation with God–and enjoy every minute.

Written in the personable, relatable, and always biblically based style that has become Hodges’s hallmark, Pray First is a revolutionary how-to manual for anyone seeking a more dynamic, intimate prayer life with God.

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Finding Forever: Amish Hearts in Hopewell Book Two In the heart of Hopewell, Indiana, Jonah Hershberger and his brother, Matthew, helm a thriving carpentry business. But the demands of their growing enterprise have left their home in disarray. They seek help and find it in an unexpected source—Grace Schrock, a childhood friend. Grace’s family farm faces dire financial straits. When Jonah offers her a job as their housekeeper, Grace gratefully accepts, seeing an opportunity to support her family.

Amidst the daily routines and shared responsibilities, an unexpected twist of emotions arises. Jonah finds himself envisioning a future with Grace by his side, yet fears jeopardizing their cherished friendship by revealing his feelings. Similarly, Grace grapples with uncertainties about Jonah’s affections.

Can a bond forged in mutual support weather life’s storms and stand the test of time? Join Jonah and Grace as they navigate the delicate balance between friendship and romance and take a courageous leap from companionship to enduring love.

Finding Forever is the second book in the Amish Hearts in Hopewell series. Each book is a stand-alone read, but to make the most of the series, you should consider reading them in order.

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Fractured Lies (Lantern Beach Exposure Book 1) Over 1,500 5-Star Reviews!

Lantern Beach has seen its fair share of trouble. But the danger isn’t over yet…

As security agent Jonah Gray zeroes in on his current mission, he finds scientist Rachel Atwood in his crosshairs. Right before his foster brother died, he handed Jonah a slip of paper with the woman’s name on it and muttered the word “killed.” But the more Jonah gets to know Rachel, the more he’s uncertain if she’s a killer or a target.

Rachel Atwood hopes to leave trouble behind when she takes a new research position at a cosmetics company located on Lantern Beach. But things aren’t as idyllic on the coastal island as she’d assumed. Something fishy is going on at the waterfront lab, and Rachel is unsure who to trust.

When lies are exposed, Jonah and Rachel’s newfound trust is shattered. Can they pick up the fractured pieces of truth in time? Or will a killer’s devious plan destroy them both?

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Goodbye, Magnolia (Cornerstone Book 1) Her biggest rival set up his photography studio blocks from hers. Will she make it through wedding season without losing her shop … or her heart?

Wedding photography is Maggie’s passion. The art of capturing a moment forever in time is magical to her, and she’s worked hard to become the best of the best. Week after week, she works with couples as they plan their happily ever afters, but she hasn’t been so lucky in love.

Behind the camera, it’s easy to hide from the pain and rejection of her past. The life she has made for herself is safe and predictable until the owner of a rival photography studio sets up shop in her small town and comes to her with an unexpected proposal. Suddenly, everything she has worked so hard to build is threatened and her simple, controlled life is thrown into chaos.

As she travels the state of Michigan photographing weddings, she struggles to keep her business afloat and the wall around her heart intact. But along the way, she could learn more about loyalty and love than she ever imagined.

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I Am Weak, I Am Strong: Building a Resilient Faith for a Resilient Life Even on the days you struggle to stay strong, you can live a resilient and hopeful life.

After receiving a devastating brain cancer diagnosis, Jay Hewitt had a decision to make: Should he give up on faith or practice what he preached and trust that with God all things are possible? In I Am Weak, I Am Strong, Jay chronicles his journey of turning toward Jesus even when circumstances urged him to turn away.

Faith in action for Jay included competing in an IRONMAN triathlon (documented in the new Amazon Prime Video Dear Hero) while undergoing cancer treatment. His race was a grand gesture of love for his young daughter–and a call to resilience for all of us.

I Am Weak, I Am Strong reminds us that our true "superpower" comes from God. As you read Jay’s honest and inspiring words, you will:

  • Understand the counterintuitive wisdom of strength in weakness
  • Learn to discern the voice of God and his calling for your life
  • Live with resilience in the face of any trial
  • Discover how God moves mountains–even when you least expect it
  • Feel empowered to pray authentically, boldly, and continually

For anyone who is searching for hope in anxiety and grief, needs validation and compassion in times of doubt, is curious about faith in the face of death, or longs for a more authentic relationship with God, I Am Weak, I Am Strong will teach you that faith grows from the freedom to doubt.

Strength grows from realizing how weak we are on our own. And light grows when we follow God’s dreams for us, even through the darkness.

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Pocket Prayers for Moms: 40 Simple Prayers That Bring Peace and Rest Over 3,800 5-Star Reviews!

No one knows more than moms how quickly the chaos of daily life can become overwhelming. But where can they turn for peace and rest in the midst of mayhem? In Pocket Prayers for Moms, bestselling author Max Lucado points to the source of all hope and strength in forty scriptures and guided prayers written with moms in mind.

In Pocket Prayers for Moms, Max reminds us that prayer is not a privilege for the pious or the art of a chosen few. Instead, it’s simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child.

Each day you’ll find a timeless verse from scripture and a thoughtful prayer designed to strengthen your faith, deepen your relationship with your family, and help you find joy in the everyday highs and lows of motherhood.

No matter where you are in your journey of motherhood, Max will give you the encouragement you need to face each day, including prayers for:

  • protection and surrender
  • guidance and clarity
  • healing and safety
  • grace and strength

Pocket Prayers for Moms will remind you that when we invite God into our world, he walks in. He brings a host of gifts: joy, patience, resilience. Anxieties come, but they don’t stick. Fears surface and then depart. Regrets land on the windshield, but prayer comes along to wipe it all away.

Let the conversation begin today with Pocket Prayers for Moms.

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