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March 30, 2024

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A Christmas Miracle (Amish Celebrations Novellas) Mary is twenty-seven years old and already has five young children. Married to her husband at age eighteen, she wasn’t quite prepared for motherhood, and exhaustion and frustration are sending her into a downhill spiral as the holidays approach.

Too proud and ashamed to ask for help, Mary’s situation begins to take a toll on her marriage. But when an elderly man in a red suit and his sidekick elf befriend Mary, showering her with wisdom and advice, she must choose to accept help, learn to cope with her situation, and ultimately find the true meaning of Christmas.

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To the Moon and Back: A Novel (Baxter Family) Over 1,600 5-Star Reviews!

Brady Bradshaw was a child when the Oklahoma City bombing killed his mother. While visiting the memorial site on the anniversary, he met Jenna Phillips, who was also a child when her parents were killed in the attack. Brady and Jenna shared a deep heart connection and a single beautiful day together. That was eleven years ago, but Bradley never forgot her. Every year, Bradley leaves a note for her at the memorial, putting his faith in God that he might find her again.

This year, while on a spring break trip, Ashley Baxter Blake and her sister Kari Baxter Taylor and their families visit to the memorial’s famous Survivor Tree. When a chance moment reveals Brady’s troubled heart to Ashley, she feels compelled by God to help him find Jenna. But will it work? Will Ashley’s husband, Landon, understand her intentions? And is a shared heartache enough reason to fall in love?

In To The Moon and Back, Karen Kingsbury shares an unlikely love story of healing, redemption, hope, and the belief that sometimes a new tomorrow can grow from the ashes of a shattered yesterday.

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I Am Asking in the Name of God: Ten Prayers for a Future of Hope The beloved Pope Francis’s long-awaited prayers for the ten most pressing issues the world is facing today, inspiring action to radically unite humanity in hope for a peaceful future.

“The clock is ticking, and all life is in danger, yet we still have time… So let us take the first steps and go out to encounter the other—those who are different from us. Let us put our hands, minds, and hearts into working together. Let us be the change we want to see in the world."—Pope Francis

In his most challenging and evocative book yet, Pope Francis reflects on ten vital issues the world is facing today. This unflinching and inspiring work celebrates the tenth anniversary of Francis’s papal election and encompasses his hopes and dreams for the Church and for all of humankind.

Among other prayers, Pope Francis is asking in the name of God:

  • for the media to reject fake news and renounce hateful language
  • for a stop to the madness of war
  • for the welcome of migrants and refugees
  • for the eradication of the culture of abuse from within the Church

This isn’t just a world leader’s reflections on spirituality. I Am Asking in the Name of God is a wake-up call for all of humanity, a practical path toward unity, and a lighthouse of hope in the darkest of eras. Pope Francis’s newest book will be a catalyst of change to usher in a new age more beautiful that we can imagine.

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UNDER FIRE: Knoxville FBI - Book Two Someone wants Jacq Sheppard dead.

FBI Special Agent Jacq Sheppard has been fighting for trafficked women since the day her best friend disappeared at the hands of a trafficker thirteen years ago. While searching for a missing young woman, Jacq is convinced she sees her long lost friend, Morgan. Is it possible she’s part of the sex trafficking ring her team has been investigating?

But Dylan Harris, the FBI Special Agent teammate she’s been dating for the last month, doesn’t believe her. On top of his doubts, they still haven’t told his parents about their relationship. The same parents who’d disapproved of her when she’d dated his brother Chad back in college. Can Jacq’s and Dylan’s relationship survive Mrs. Harris’s criticism?

When things heat up and an assassination attempt almost kills Jacq, questions arise. Who would want her dead and why? Is it connected to the trafficking ring? More importantly, can Jacq survive being under fire?

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Jelly Bean Dreams: Small Town Holiday Romances Alicia Miller is right on track to achieve her dreams of owning her own confectionery while she’s still in her twenties. The only problem is the unexpected code violations on the building she bought to house her store. With most of her savings gone, and a loan to repay, she needs repairs done fast and cheap.

When Alicia Miller answers an ad in the nearby campus newspaper, she’s hoping the repairman knows what he’s doing. While his price is right, if he botches the upgrade, she’ll be back to square one. With her opening scheduled two weeks before the Easter holiday, she realizes both she and her handsome handyman will need to work long hours to get the job done.

Former Army Ranger, Dean Cole, is on his way to earning a degree in engineering. All he needs is to keep his head above water financially until he graduates. To do that, he’s picking up odd jobs. If eight years in the military taught him anything, it was how to punt your way through adversity, no matter your limitation. In Dean’s case it’s partial hearing loss caused by head trauma during deployment.

Will being surrounded by something as enticing as boxes of candy coax them into a few sweet kisses? And, once the job is done, will he want more than just a sample of what life could be like with his own candy girl?

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The Bones Will Speak (The Gwen Marcey Novels Book 2) A killer with a penchant for torture has taken notice of forensic expert Gwen Marcey… and her daughter.

When Gwen Marcey’s dog comes home with a human skull and then leads her to a cabin in the woods near her Montana home, she realizes there’s a serial killer in her community. And when she finds a tortured young girl clinging to life on the cabin floor, she knows this killer is a lunatic.

Yet what unsettles Gwen most is that the victim looks uncannily like her daughter.

The search for the torturer leads back in time to a neo-Nazi bombing in Washington state—a bombing with only one connection to Montana: Gwen. The group has a race-not-grace model of salvation… and they’ve marked Gwen as a race traitor.

When it becomes clear that the killer has a score to settle, Gwen finds herself in a battle against time. She will have to use all of her forensic skills to find the killer before he can carry out his threat to destroy her—and the only family she has left.

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10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home Declutter your entire home in just 10 minutes a day.

Imagine living in a home that’s free from clutter. With your closets, desks, and cabinets completely organized, life would be so much simpler. Walking into your house wouldn’t add to your to-do list. It would actually relax you!

Bestselling authors S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport will show you how to achieve a clutter-free home in less time than you ever imagined possible! Even if you’re a busy professional or a parent with little time, the Declutter Challenge system can work for you. 10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habits for Simplifying Your Home will show you the way.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to organize every space in your house
  • The mindset and materials you’ll need to get started
  • 8 steps to form your decluttering habit
  • How to make money (or get a tax deduction) from your clutter
  • 14 benefits of minimalist living
  • How to reclaim your life by letting go of your stuff
  • And much, much more!

If you download 10-Minute Declutter today, you’ll get an easy, step-by-step plan for sorting, purging, and organizing every space in your house. Scott and Davenport’s practical and inspiring book will reduce your clutter and create new habits to keep it away for good. Buy the book today to simplify your home and get your life back!

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Saint: A Paradise Novel Over 150 5-Star Reviews!

Carl Strople was covertly recruited to Black Ops and given the most brutal kind of training any man or woman could endure. Now he belongs to The X Group. But why do they call him “Saint”?

An assassin. The most effective killer in the world. And yet… Carl Strople struggles to retain fleeting memories that betray an even more ominous reality. He’s been told part of the truth–but not all of it.

Invasive techniques have stripped him of his identity and made him someone new–for this he is grateful. But there are some things they can’t take from him. The love of a woman, unbroken loyalties to his past, the need for survival.

From the deep woods of Hungary to the streets of New York, Saint takes you on a journey of betrayal in a world of government cover-ups, political intrigue, and one man’s search for the truth. In the end, that truth will be his undoing.

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Strength for All Seasons: A Mom's Devotional of Powerful Verses and Prayers A mom’s devotional of strength-bearing prayers and verses for overcoming the stress and difficulties of life and motherhood.

In Strength for All Seasons, author Julie Lavender is beautifully candid about the difficulties of motherhood and offers encouragement and wisdom based on God’s most powerful words, reminding weary moms that he is the ultimate source of strength and resilience.

This thoughtful weekly devotional gives moms the grace and space to go at their own pace and reflect on both celebrations and challenges while staying grounded in God’s truths. The seasons of motherhood are ever-changing with peaks and valleys and ebbs and flows, but the one thing moms can consistently count on is God.

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Day of War (Lion of War Series Book 1) Over 270 5-Star Reviews!

In ancient Israel, at the crossroads of the great trading routes, a man named Benaiah is searching for a fresh start in life. He has joined a band of soldiers led by a warlord named David, seeking to bury the past that refuses to leave him. Their ragged army is disgruntled and full of reckless men. Some are loyal to David, but others are only with him for the promise of captured wealth.

While the ruthless and increasingly mad King Saul marches hopelessly against the powerful Philistines, loyal son Jonathan in tow, the land of the Hebrew tribes has never been more despondent – and more in need of rescue. Over the course of ten days, from snowy mountain passes to sword-wracked battlefields, Benaiah and his fellow mercenaries must call upon every skill they have to survive and establish the throne for David – if they don’t kill each other first.

Day of War brings to life the exploits of the Mighty Men of Israel, a rag-tag band of disgruntled warriors on the run with David, the soon-to-be King. Their legendary deeds are recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11

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