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June 24, 2024

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A Marriage Forged by Divine Deception: A Christian Historical Romance Book Agreeing to my father’s plea, I married a wealthy man to secure our future. Only after the vows were exchanged did I uncover the deceit behind the arrangement…

Abigail, burdened by her late husband’s debts, agrees to her father’s plea to marry a wealthy man to secure their future. However, she soon uncovers the deceit behind this arrangement, but it’s too late—she’s already married the man who will change her life forever.

Nathaniel, blackmailed into a marriage of convenience by Abigail’s father, initially resents the arrangement. Yet Abigail’s defiance and strength challenge his vow to never love again.

Their relationship deepens unexpectedly, but when Nathaniel reveals the deception behind their marriage, their world shatters. Together, they must find forgiveness and trust to build a future based on faith and love…

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An Unexpected Amish Romance (The Amish Bachelors) New beginnings, new job—and a new love? Amish life is full of surprises…

After a broken engagement, Helen Zook is embracing her independence—starting with a new job working for carpenter Mark Bowman. Sparks fly as Helen immediately butts heads with her handsome yet gruff boss, whose complicated past makes him hesitant to plant roots in Bowmans Crossing.

But Helen’s eccentric aunt and a matchmaking basset hound have their own plans for Helen and Mark’s future…

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Straw and Diamonds: A Sweet Beach Read (Getaway Bay® Resort Romance Book 4) Over 500 5-Star Reviews!

She’s barely making ends meet with her beach side drink stand because her ex stole from her and fled the island. So Sasha Redding does what she has to in order to support herself—she takes a job cleaning a house in an exclusive gated community.

She just didn’t know she’d been hired by a billionaire beast…

Her plan to get out of debt doesn’t afford her many hours of sleep, and the handsome man who owns the house she cleans doesn’t help that when he tells her not to go upstairs, questions her for showering at his place (hers has no hot water) and then…asks her out.

Jasper Rosequist works in the diamond business and keeps odd hours due to his dealings in Europe, and he doesn’t want anyone in his office upstairs. It’s not a lair. (It’s not.) Not only that, but with his schedule, maintaining a relationship with Sasha is difficult.

He wants to keep chipping away at her, because she’s got a big wall around her heart, but he can see how good it is. He doesn’t mean to come off as the beastly I-get-what-I-want type…but he does want her.

Can Sasha open her heart to the possibility of a second chance at love? Or will she get burned again?

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The Broker and the Bum: A Modern Retelling of the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Parable Series Book 1) Over 250 5-Star Reviews!

Jesus’ story of the Rich Man and Lazarus set in a modern day context.

Matt is a powerful hedge fund manager in New York City. Liam is a down-on-his-luck homeless man that spends his days watching everyone else pass him by.

Their worlds are completely separate, until a tragic event leaves one person’s future in shambles, and the other finds the peace that they have sought after for so long.

"The Broker and the Bum" is a modern version of Jesus’ famous story from Luke 16, complete with all the same themes of the original. It’s a story of benevolence, greed, and the perils of ignoring those that God wants us to notice.

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The Mermaid in the Basement (The Lady Trent Mysteries Book 1) A wealthy widow of a nobleman, daughter of a famous scientist, and skeptic who only trusts what can be proven.

Meet Serafina Trent. A woman about to take 19th Century London by storm.

It’s London, 1857, and everything is at stake for Serafina Trent. A woman of means… but not the typical Victorian lady who feels her place is to be seen and not heard. When her brother’s most recent female dalliance, a beautiful actress, is found murdered, all evidence points to him. Especially since the actress had just rejected him in a most public manner. Now everyone believes Clive is headed for the gallows. Everyone, that is, but Serafina.

Determined to prove her brother’s innocence, Serafina finds herself working with unlikely allies—including Dylan Tremayne, a passionate storyteller and actor with a criminal past. This novel will hold fans of mystery and history spellbound until the very last page.

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The Doctor's Undoing (Love Inspired Historical) When Dr. Daniel Parker requested an army nurse to help with his orphanage, he expected an organized, sensible matron… Instead he gets young, beautiful, obstinate Ida Lee Landway, whose vibrant outlook and unrelenting optimism turn his work and his life inside out.

Army life was easy compared to the discipline at her new workplace. Yet Ida is immediately smitten by the children in her care and impressed by Daniel’s unfaltering dedication. Adding color and warmth to her new surroundings is one thing. Can she also help the good doctor embrace joy and in so doing, find the family they both deserve?

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Human(Kind): How Reclaiming Human Worth and Embracing Radical Kindness Will Bring Us Back Together Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

A talented storyteller and peacemaker asks: Can kindness kindle a revolution?

Long before polls, protests, and political issues divided us, we were joined by a humanness that God considered very good. Created in his image, we reflected the height and depth of God’s loving-kindness, but our discord has blinded us to the imago Dei in us all.

In this compelling collection of essays, Ashlee Eiland shares her story of being a black woman living on two sides of the fence: as the token black girl in majority-white spaces and as the “whitewashed” black girl in majority-black spaces. As she discovers her own unique worth through these recollections, Ashlee learns that extending radical kindness toward every person—regardless of social status, political views, or religious beliefs—gives us hope and rekindles our common humanity.

With grace and humility, Human(Kind) invites us to chart our own formative journeys and recognize our inherent value, cultivating empathy so we may once again see the image of God shining brightly within one another.

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A Baby for Hannah (Hannah's Heart Book 3) In Jerry Eicher’s final, never-before-published book in the Hannah’s Heart series, Jake and Hannah Byler are adjusting to life in their Amish community in rural Montana.

While Jake works long days as a furniture maker and newly appointed minister, Hannah stays busy keeping their home in order. Both anticipate their baby’s birth with joy.

When word of the Mennonite tent revival spreads and worry about losing church members mounts, Hannah’s sister arrives and quickly catches the eye of the young bachelor whose brother left the church during the last revival. At the same time, Jake and Hannah’s neighbor—an Englisha—announces his interest in one of the Amish widows.

Drawing from his own Amish experiences, Eicher tells this rich story of colliding cultures and gives his growing readership one last glimpse at Jake and Hannah’s determination to stay faithful to God and the traditions of their church.

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