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February 23, 2024

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A Home at Trail's End (Homeward on the Oregon Trail Book 3) Over 300 5-Star Reviews!

Bestselling author Melody Carlson continues her Homeward on the Oregon Trail series with A Home at Trail’s End.

Elizabeth Martin and her two children have finally reached the Oregon Country. But Eli Kincade, the wagon train scout who captured her heart, has chosen to continue life on the trail. As other pioneer families begin building new homes, Elizabeth has never felt more alone.

However, when Eli unexpectedly returns, confesses his love, and proposes, Elizabeth accepts with her family’s blessing.

A community begins to take shape, but not without growing pains. As an alternative to the local minister’s fiery sermons, Elizabeth’s father begins to preach at home, raising the ire of some. Racial biases arise against Brady, Elizabeth’s African-American hired hand. Eli’s warm sentiments toward Indians also raises concerns.

Can Elizabeth and her family overcome these differences and begin a legacy of reconciliation and love?

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Miss Penelope: Sweet Historical Western Romance (The Brides of Fiddler's Gap Book 1) Fiddler’s Gap needs women! And Sheriff Aubrey Cole has come up with an idea to get some…

After all, if the town doesn’t grow, no one will move there let alone any businesses. They’d really like a bank, among other things, so it’s time to do something about it. But the men of Fiddler’s Gap aren’t look for just any ‘ol brides. They’re looking for virtuous women who are also virtuosos! Why? Because the entire town is made up of musicians! Sheriff Cole (the first violinist) is the first to get a bride. Problem was, he had no idea she was coming! She just showed up.

Heiress Penelope Smith has always dreamed of being part of an orchestra. So when her father decides to marry her off to Leopold Wadsworth the third, she makes a run for it. Her only hope is an ad in the local paper by a lawman seeking not just a virtuous woman as a bride, but a virtuoso! That was good enough for her! When she shows up in Fiddler’s Gap unannounced, her only interest was to join the town orchestra. But when she saw how small the town was, she didn’t see any point in staying. But she couldn’t go back either. What to do?

Will the efforts of the handsome sheriff keep her in town long enough to fall in love? Or will she leave him flat?

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The Essential Bible Dictionary: Key Insights for Reading God's Word (Essential Bible Companion Series) The Essential Bible Dictionary is a compact reference tool for any reader of Scripture. It provides quick and reliable information on the most important people, places, and concepts found in the Bible, as well as explanations for difficult-to-understand terms.

Unlike similar Bible dictionaries and study aids, this essential dictionary is designed to streamline Bible reading and comprehension and is focused exclusively on proper nouns and words for which a special biblical usage requires comment.

In addition to defining words, places, people, and the many themes of the Bible, you’ll find:

  • Full-color images, maps, illustrations, and diagrams throughout.
  • Succinct book overviews (arranged alphabetically) with orientating information on author, content, background, and purpose.
  • Phonetic pronunciation key for each entry.
  • Important cross-references for further study.

Ideal for use in devotions or personal Bible study, The Essential Bible Dictionary is a storehouse of information that will bring the everyday world of the Bible to life.

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Mail Order Bride Flaws (Western Frontier Women) Forgiveness is not just about forgiving others, it’s also about forgiving ourselves for the pain we’ve caused others.

When a tragic accident leaves Maisie Clark scarred, both physically and emotionally, her dreams of love and a future in the bustling city of Chicago start to crumble.

Amid a world that has forsaken her, she discovers solace in the letters exchanged with an enigmatic suitor, A.W., whose eloquent promises of acceptance and a fresh start out west resonate deeply as she embarks on her journey as a mail order bride.

Upon her arrival in the rustic charm of Goldenbrook, she discovers that A.W. is not the sophisticated gentleman she expects but Adam Wright, a rugged cowboy she had met before!

Brash and uncultured, yet with a sincerity that touches her heart, Adam represents everything Maisie think she does not want. Yet, as they grow closer, she finds herself drawn to his simplicity and genuine warmth.

But secrets lie between them, misunderstandings that need to be overcome, and a scar that is more than skin-deep…

As Maisie and Adam face their innermost fears, can they find forgiveness in their hearts to guide them towards true love?

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When Your Parent Becomes Your Child: A Journey of Faith Through My Mother's Dementia Over 150 5-Star Reviews!

At first, Ken Abraham wrote off his mother’s changes in behavior as quirks that just come with old age.

There was memory loss, physical decline, hygiene issues, paranoia, and uncharacteristic attitudes. He soon realized that dementia had changed her life—and his familiy’s—forever.

"How is it possible to lose a loved one while he or she is still living, still sitting right in front of you, talking with you, smiling at you—and yet the person you have known and loved for years is somehow gone?"

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease. That’s one in eight older Americans. More than likely, that figure includes someone you know and love.

As he chronicles his own mother’s degenerative condition, New York Times best-selling writer Ken Abraham educates while offering inspiration to help readers cope with and manage their family circumstances. With humor and spiritual reminders of God’s command to honor our parents, Abraham encourages readers through often-difficult responsibilities. And though in most cases patients will not recover this side of heaven, he suggests many practical things that families can do to make the experience safer, kinder, and more endurable for everyone involved.

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Broker of Lies (A Travis Brock Thriller Book 1) Over 100 5-Star Reviews!

The man who knows all our secrets has a secret of his own…

When Travis Brock, a high-level Pentagon redactor with an eidetic memory, finds a clue to solving the tragic arson that took his wife from him, he risks everything to find the truth—and chances losing himself in the process.

With a terror attack looming on the horizon and a pair of assassins on his tail, Brock drops off the grid and joins forces with a disavowed Homeland Security operative. Together they race to stop the attack before Brock is neutralized by the people he trusts the most.

From critically acclaimed, bestselling novelist Steven James comes a smart, wire-tight, and emotionally resonant thriller that asks just how far across the line we might go to see justice carried out.

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New Beginnings at Sandpiper Inn: A Feel Good Beach Romance (The Almada Family of Sandpiper Cove Book 1) Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

She’s a celebrity hiding from her agent. He’s the handsome, small-town innkeeper’s son. Will she decide to ditch her life of fame when their attraction becomes too irresistible to deny?

An identity crisis leads Casey Sky from her busy life as a Hollywood actress to small-town Sandpiper Cove. After her escape from the noise and paparazzi to the peaceful beachside town, Casey discovers how peaceful life can be away from the fame.

But can she stay true to her soul search when the inn owner’s handsome son continues to catch her eye?

After the death of his father, Drew Almada makes the tough decision to leave his promising career in New York City to help his family run the Sandpiper Inn. Along the way, Drew finds a mysterious guest, who clearly has something to hide, taking over his heart.

From stolen glances across the room to a daring rescue in a rainstorm, it seems as though the two have a force pushing them together that they can’t deny. But will Drew be able to forgive Casey once her secrets come crashing down?

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