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January 20, 2023

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The Advice Columnist of Long Shot Lane: A Sweet Small-Town Romantic Comedy (Hidden Springs Book One) Do you believe in curses?

Georgia Culpepper has asked herself this question many times. For one hundred and fifty years, the family advice column has passed from woman to woman, none of whom ever married. What started out to be an odd coincidence has turned into a much-feared family curse.

And now the column is Georgia’s.

Georgia will be one more in a line of Culpepper women to inherit a life without romance. With an age-old curse bearing down on her, Georgia can’t do anything but accept it.

Or can she?

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The Mailbox: A Novel (A Sunset Beach Novel Book 1) Centered on a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina, The Mailbox blends intriguing folklore and true faith with raw contemporary issues that affect every woman.

When Lindsey Adams first visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox at Sunset Beach, she has no idea that twenty years later she will still be visiting the mailbox—still pouring out her heart in letters that summarize the best and worst parts of her life.

Returning to Sunset for her first vacation since her husband left her, Lindsey struggles to put her sorrow into words. Memories surface of her first love, Campbell—and the rejection that followed. When Campbell reappears in her life, Lindsey must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain. The Mailbox is a rich novel about loss, hope, and the beauty of second chances.

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The Hidden Queen: A historical fiction and fantasy story (The Rodasia Chronicles Book 1) Secrets and betrayal. Fear and courage. Can one woman keep her nation from destruction?

Gwyneth Blacksman was content to live comfortably on her farm, but a long-held secret changed her life forever. Thrust into a role she didn’t want or ask for, Gwen must face the facts. Will she step up and be who her people need her to be? Or will she wilt under the pressure of politics, schemes, and a looming war? The Emperor of Devin offers her a way to avoid the bloodshed that is sure to come, but his offer is disingenuous at best, a lie at worst.

With her countrymen’s lives on the line, Gwen must make a hard choice. Give into the Emperor’s demand, or stand against him and take Rodasia into a war they can’t win? As the problems keep mounting, she turns to the only two people who have stayed by her side through it all. Charles, the conflicted soldier who stirs up all sorts of feelings she would rather ignore, and Jakob, the excommunicated priest who challenges her assumptions about God.

Step into the Rodasia Chronicles, where plots, betrayal, love, and faith are only the beginning for Gwen as she struggles to become the person she was meant to be.

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Ten Time Management Choices That Can Change Your Life Want to reduce stress, accomplish more in less time, and enjoy greater freedom to do the things you love? This book shows you how to make it all happen. Time management and organizing experts Felton and Sims show you:

  • How to focus your time on your priorities
  • When multitasking is helpful or harmful
  • Secrets to overcoming procrastination
  • Tips for managing distractions, interruptions, and time wasters
  • How to organize your space to maximize efficiency

Whether you are a creative freewheeler or an organized perfectionist, you’ll find easy-to-implement, effective solutions that will work for you

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Bound by Mayhem (Beach Bound Books and Beans Mysteries Book 5) As cast and crew members prepare for Lantern Beach’s first annual Christmas play, catastrophe strikes.

Abby Mendez, the director and brainchild behind the play, never shows up for a dress rehearsal. Threats emerge, and it becomes clear that not everyone on the island feels the Christmas spirit.

With dangerous encounters and ghostly disappearing acts threatening not only the play but also the safety of Lantern Beach residents, former police chief Mac MacArthur and Abby’s friend Tali Robinson jump in to help. The stakes rise as the perpetrator continues to haunt Abby’s past, torment her present, and threaten her future.

When it seems all hope is nearly lost, can the people of Lantern Beach work together to save the play? Or will this phantom scrooge steal the final act?

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The Christmas Arrival (The Complete Series): An Amish Holiday Romance Over 100 5-Star Reviews!

Rachel Lapp is a young Amish woman who is the daughter of the community’s bishop. She is in the midst of planning the annual Christmas Nativity play when newcomer Noah Miller arrives in town to spend Christmas with his cousins. Encouraged by her father to welcome the new arrival, Rachel asks Noah to be a part of the Nativity.

Despite Rachel’s engagement to Samuel King, a local farmer, she finds herself irrevocably drawn to Noah and his carefree spirit. Reserved and slightly shy, Noah is hesitant to get involved in the play, but an unlikely friendship begins to develop between Rachel and Noah, bringing with it unexpected problems, including a seemingly harmless prank with life-threatening consequences that require a Christmas miracle.

Will Rachel honor her commitment to Samuel, or will Noah win her affections?

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Amish Mercy: Amish Romance (The Amish Bonnet Sisters Book 1) Over 350 5-Star Reviews!

A home and a family of her own is what Mercy Baker wanted, and nothing and nobody was going to stand in her way!

When the nephew of a family friend came to help with the apple harvest, Mercy was smitten and knew he was the one. With one of her younger half-sisters rushing into marriage, Florence Baker assumed the role of parent and tried her best to make Mercy slow down. Her efforts fell on deaf ears and then the harvest took all her attention.

Her sister’s budding relationship had Florence thinking about her own single status, but with her hectic schedule, where would she find the time for love or marriage?

Will the mysterious new Englisher neighbor turn Florence’s perfect and well-ordered life upside down?

When Mercy notices some significant differences between herself and the man she desires, will that cause her to rethink her plans?

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Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. Diamond Independence has another mystery to solve!

Two, if anyone’s counting …

Sheriff Jace Diamond and his friend Fletcher Vander solved the mystery of Jasper Munson, (Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. Vander) a man murdered just before his mail-order bride stepped off the train to meet him. Now Fletcher was happily married to the woman. But that didn’t explain the next mail-order bride to show up in town, this one claiming she was there to marry Jace!

Katie Haverdash was a bookworm and librarian in search of a little adventure. When she began writing the seemingly stalwart Sheriff Diamond, she thought what could be better? A solid man with an adventure-filled job! But Katie gets more than she bargained for when she gets off the train only to find that her betrothed isn’t a betrothed at all. In fact, he didn’t even know she was coming! Now what was she going to do? Plenty, if she wanted to stay alive. Someone isn’t too happy she’s in town and its up to Sheriff Diamond to keep her safe and find out who wants to do away with her. Will love blossom in the midst of danger? Find out in this, sweet, fun western historical romp full of adventure and romance!

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Amish Honor: Amish Romance (The Amish Bonnet Sisters Book 2) At just seventeen, Honor Baker found herself an unlikely love—her new brother-in-law. When the couple learns they won’t be allowed to marry, their choice is obvious, and they do the only thing that makes sense.

When Honor goes missing, Florence finds herself in a car on a road trip with her mysterious English neighbor. Even though he has many qualities she admires, there are things about him that don’t add up. Will they be able to find Honor and bring her home?

Which of Florence’s younger half-sisters does something so wrong that she’s sent to live with Aunt Dagmar?

All Samantha Price books are clean and wholesome reads.

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Shame: A Novel John Tilden’s glory days are far behind him, and now it seems like all he has is the monotony of every day living. He certainly thought there’d be more to it than his ramshackle Oklahoma farm and a mundane job coaching basketball at his old high school. He questions his fatherhood skills too: his oldest son won’t speak to him, his younger son wants to quit the basketball team, and now his daughter wants to go out on dates. He loves his wife, but the marriage has settled into complacency.

Now his twentieth high school reunion looms and he has agreed to play in an exhibition game at the reunion, which is sure to be a wretched joke. And his ex-girlfriend’s back in town, newly single.

Twenty years is plenty long enough for a man to mope after what might have been. It’s time for John to make himself understand that.

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