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October 16, 2012

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Touching the CloudsTouching the Clouds
by Bonnie Leon
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Kate Evans is an adventurous and independent young woman with a pioneering spirit. She pilots a mail-delivery plane in the forbidding Alaskan wilderness, the lone woman in a male profession. But even that seems easy compared to finding true love. She likes a fellow pilot and would even consider marrying him – if it weren’t for Paul, a mysterious man on her mail route with a gentle spirit and a past to hide. Can Kate break through the walls Paul has put up around his heart? And will her quest for adventure be her demise?

Book 1 in the Alaskan Skies series, Touching the Clouds will draw readers in with raw emotion and suspense, all against the stunning backdrop of the Alaskan wilds.

The order for the Alaskan Skies series is as follows:

Authority in PrayerAuthority in Prayer
by Dutch Sheets
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Who Is In Charge? This question is at the heart of all conflict on earth. In this powerful book, bestselling author Dutch Sheets reminds believers that God is in charge and He intends His people to be overcomers. You don’t need to allow sin, Satan or the circumstances of life to keep you from God’s amazing promises. Authority in Prayer shows you how you can take hold of God’s promises and change your world through prayer.

Coveted BrideCoveted Bride
by Regina Tittel
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Do arranged marriages still happen?

For Lindsey Buchannan, yes. Everything was kept in her husband’s name, giving him full control of all they owned. And upon his death-bed, he exposed his plan for his family’s future. Lindsey has two months to marry Keaton Durham, a man willing to win her heart, or she’ll lose her trusts and home to a charity.

Determined to make it on her own, Lindsey rejects the idea immediately. But when a drug-addicted family member threatens her children for the sake of money, the young widow’s left with little choice but to turn to Keaton. His steadfast devotion and love for her children weaken her defenses. As she struggles to calm the romantic notions of her heart, suspense builds when drug paraphernalia is found planted in her van. Keaton vows to protect them but even love can’t defy logic–no one can be there all of the time.

Promise BreakerPromise Breaker
by Robert Elmer
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A search for a homeland in a world darkened by war…

Dov Zalinski has nothing left in the ruins of World War 2 – only the promise his mother made when she left him at a Warsaw orphanage: “I’ll come back for you, and together we’ll go to Jerusalem.” Seven hard years later, she still hasn’t returned.

On the hope that she and the rest of his family have somehow survived the terrible Nazi death camps and went on ahead of him, the thirteen-year-old sets out alone for the Promised Land. Dov is determined to be with his family again… even if it means risking his life to do it.

Emily Parkinson has it all as the spoiled only child of a British major stationed in 1947 Jerusalem. Her cozy, perfect world has cushioned her from the always-present danger that haunts the people of Palestine – until now. Tensions between Arab and Jew are growing fast as ships of illegal Jewish immigrants try to break through the British barricade. Now, not even Emily’s father will be able to protect her from what she is about to face.

The order for the Promise of Zion series is as follows:

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