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June 28, 2022

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Beckett (Lantern Beach Blackout: The New Recruits Book 3) When the daughter of a federal judge is abducted, private security firm Blackout must find her.

Psychologist Samantha Reynolds doesn’t know why someone is targeting her. Even after a risky mission to save her, danger still lingers. She’s determined to use her insights into the human mind to help decode the deadly clues being left in the wake of her rescue.

Former Navy SEAL Beckett Jones needs to figure out who’s responsible for the crimes hounding Sami. He’s not sure why he’s so protective of the woman he rescued, but he’ll do anything to keep her safe—even if it means risking his heart.

As the body count rises, there’s no room for error. Beckett and Sami must both tear down the careful walls they’ve built around themselves in order to survive. If they don’t figure out who’s responsible, the madman will continue his death spree… and one of them might be next.

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The Amish Woman And Her Last Hope: Amish Romance (Amish Women of Pleasant Valley Book 1) She’d given up on love.

But had love given up on her?

Alone in life, Karen was pleasantly surprised when she met the Amish bishop’s nephew, a single man her age. At twenty-eight, Karen had given up on finding a suitable husband. Seeing her best friend’s unhappy marriage made her all the more cautious.

When a sudden windfall came Karen’s way, Karen and Jason were thrust together on a road trip, but they weren’t alone. While Jason holds onto his secrets, Karen gets to know him and wonders if he is too good to be true.

Could he be the one, or was Karen going to become like her friend and make the biggest mistake of her life?

You will love this sweet easy-reading Amish romance about love, hope, and trust in God.

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Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants Let the experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens guide you around the beautiful and mysterious world that is the plant kingdom.

From regulating the air we breathe to providing food, clothes, fuels, and medicines – plants are fundamental to our lives. Discover an extraordinary diversity of species, which includes a grass that grows a meter a day, roots that breathe air, and "queen of the night" cactuses whose rare blooms vanish before dawn.

In a combination of art and science, Flora celebrates plants from majestic trees to microscopic algae, explaining how they germinate, grow, and reproduce. It presents species that have evolved to accommodate pollinating insects such as the foxglove, and plants that have adapted to flourish in even the most hostile of habitats.

Pierre-Joseph Redoute in the 18th-century was described as the "Raphael of flowers". Flora showcases his botanical paintings as well as those of Georg Ehret and others in this gorgeous visual celebration of plants through the ages.

Whether you are a keen gardener, naturalist, or botany student, this beautiful book is a treat that will entice, inform, and amaze.

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Good Apple: Tales of a Southern Evangelical in New York “For a woman who thinks of herself as a New Yorker at this point, I buy a lot of clothes from companies named things like Shrimp & Grits. Why? Because identity is complicated.”

Elizabeth Passarella is content with being complicated. She grew up in Memphis in a conservative, Republican family with a Christian mom and a Jewish dad. Then she moved to New York, fell in love with the city—and, eventually, her husband—and changed. Sort of. While her politics have tilted to the left, she still puts her faith first—and argues that the two can go hand in hand, for what it’s worth.

In this sharp and slyly profound memoir, Elizabeth shares stories about everything from conceiving a baby in an garage in Florida to finding a rat in her bedroom. She upends stereotypes about Southerners, New Yorkers, and Christians, making a case that we are all flawed humans simply doing our best. Good Apple is a hilarious, welcome celebration of the absurdity, chaos, and strange sacredness of life that brings us all together, whether we have city lights or starry skies in our eyes. More importantly, it’s about the God who pursues each of us, no matter our own inconsistencies or failures, and shows us the way back home.

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Torment: Inspirational Amish Romance (The Amish Sisters series Book 4) Just when everything was going well, the King sisters face the worst trials that life has thrown at them.

Emma Yoder’s life is perfect. She has two children and another one on the way. She is married to the man of her dreams, and she is the darling of the village. But a tragic accident threatens to tear this blissful life asunder. Losing all hope and support from the community, Emma faces the toughest decision of her life. Will Emma be able to pull her happiness out of the maw of death?

Rachel Lapp is worried for her sister Emma, but her own personal loss is too great to bear. Married for four years without a child, Rachel craves a boppli above all else. Her obsession has driven her to consider Englischer methods that might estrange her from the community but it is a risk Rachel is willing to take.

Is Rachel willing to lose everything, the love and support of family, husband, and community for a chance at motherhood?

A drought threatens the village and Samuel King pushes his solar panel powered machines as the only solution to the Old Order community. Though the community is against these advancements Samuel believes they are the only way forward. Will Samuel’s obsession with technology spell doom and shunning for the entire family?

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Daily Prayer Seeking the Heart of God (Having a Biblical Conversation with God) Struggling to put words to the things that are on your heart?

Discover new ways to present your requests to God with this guided prayer devotional.

Do you long to grow closer with the Lord? Is it getting harder and harder to find time to be alone with His Word?

Berenice Aguilera draws on her years of practical ministry experience as a pastor’s wife to bring you a devotional full of help for when words fail.

Written with compassion and humility, this book helps you find the words you’ve been looking for so you can develop the habit of prayer that you’ve always longed for.

Daily Prayer: Seeking the Heart of God offers thirty-one devotions to focus on through the month. The journey to a close and fulfilling relationship with God begins with Day One.

Daily Prayer: Seeking the Heart of God.

Make today your Day One. Get your copy now.

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The Wounded Heart: Amish Romance (The Whinburg Township Amish Book 1) Three Amish best friends. Three hurting hearts. One quilt that binds them together.

Widowed a year ago and left with two small and energetic boys, Amelia Beiler is struggling to make ends meet. She is running her late husband’s business, but it’s not what she was raised to do, which is run a home and find joy in teaching her boys about God’s love.

When she puts the business up for sale and gets an offer from an Englisch buyer as well as from one in the church, she unwittingly causes a furor in the Amish community. On top of that, another Amish man, Eli Fischer, wants more than just the shop—he’s offering Amelia his heart, too.

But her own heart is torn. When she goes to the doctor about her struggle with strange physical symptoms, he tells her it’s multiple sclerosis. She’s doing her best not to question God’s will, but it’s all too much. If she pursues the treatment she believes in, she risks going under the Bann. But how can she allow Eli to court her when she can’t promise him a future?

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Emily Dickinson's Gardening Life: The Plants and Places That Inspired the Iconic Poet “A visual treat as well as a literary one…for gardeners and garden lovers, connoisseurs of botanical illustration, and those who seek a deeper understanding of the life and work of Emily Dickinson.” —The Wall Street Journal

Emily Dickinson was a keen observer of the natural world, but less well known is the fact that she was also an avid gardener—sending fresh bouquets to friends, including pressed flowers in her letters, and studying botany at Amherst Academy and Mount Holyoke. At her family home, she tended both a small glass conservatory and a flower garden.

In Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life, award-winning author Marta McDowell explores Dickinson’s deep passion for plants and how it inspired and informed her writing. Tracing a year in the garden, the book reveals details few know about Dickinson and adds to our collective understanding of who she was as a person. By weaving together Dickinson’s poems, excerpts from letters, contemporary and historical photography, and botanical art, McDowell offers an enchanting new perspective on one of America’s most celebrated but enigmatic literary figures.

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