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January 29, 2013

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Secrets of the HeartSecrets of the Heart
by Jillian Kent
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Madeline Whittington, daughter of the deceased Earl of Richfield, emerges from English society’s prescribed period of mourning in the winter of 1815. Madeline believes that she no longer belongs in a world of gossip and gowns; instead she wants to help the orphans living within the walls of Ashcroft Insane Asylum. Once there, she discovers a dark secret within the asylum walls.

Because of his elder brother’s unexpected death, Devlin Greyson becomes Earl of Ravensmoore and struggles between two worlds: one of affluence and privilege and one of poverty and disease. Torn between his desire to become a doctor and the numerous responsibilities of his title, he wrestles with God’s will for his future. Will he be able to honor this God-given gift and win the woman he falls in love with in a society that does not value gentlemen who work? And will Lady Madeline Whittington be able to honor her father’s memory when she is attracted to the one man who could destroy the promise she made to her father?

The order for the The Ravensmoore Chronicles series is as follows:

Real Moms' Devotions to GoReal Moms’ Devotions to Go
by Lynn Klammer
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Most devotional books for moms focus on the sweet, touching aspects of motherhood. Real Moms’ Devotions to Go is for the harried, tired mom who is long on love, but short on time.

It gives the reader real-life stories that she can easily identify with and the added benefit of concrete, stress reduction techniques that she can quickly learn and use.

Real Moms’ Devotions to Go not only entertains, but nourishes as well. It has a down-to-earth, realistic approach of the devotions and the mental health aspect of the stress management portion of the book.

The Obsession of Victoria GracenThe Obsession of Victoria Gracen
by Grace Livingston Hill
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The story is of the effect that an orphan boy has upon his lonely aunt, his Aunt Vic. Her obsession is her love for the lad and his happiness. There is the never-failing fund of fun and optimism with the high religious purpose that appears in all of Grace Livingston Hill’s excellent novels.

Every mother, every church-worker, every individual who desires to bring added happiness into the lives of others should read this book. This novel is a treat for those of us who want clean, cheerful, uplifting fiction of the sort that you can read with pleasure, recommend with sincerity and remember with thankfulness. This book has the exact touch desired.

[Hot Deal] Strong and Stubborn – Save 77%

Strong and StubbornStrong and Stubborn by Kelly Eileen Hake

Ride out west to join the last sawmill bride as she attempts to select her mate. Naomi Higgins isn’t about to settle for just anybody. Carpenter Michael Strode and his son – a chip off the old block – are ready to start a new life. Can they convince Naomi to be a part of their future when problems from the past still haunt Hope Falls? Will secrets sabotage the struggling town – and any hope of romance?

The order for the Husbands for Hire series is as follows:

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[Hot Deal] Heart of Lies – Save 87%

Heart of LiesHeart of Lies by Jill Marie Landis

Raised in a tribe of street urchins, Maddie Grande was taught to be a thief and beggar on the streets of New Orleans. But Maddie doesn’t know her real name or where she came from.

Raised by Dexter Grande, Maddie and her twin ‘brothers’ have recently left New Orleans and moved to the bayou. The twins are rarely there, but Maddie has come to love the swamp. She has learned to fish and trap and sell pelts at the local mercantile. Maddie longs to change her life but knows that her brothers will never give up their lawless ways. When they kidnap the daughter of a wealthy carpetbagger, the twins force Maddie to hide the precocious eight-year-old while they return to New Orleans to wait for notice of a reward. Pinkerton agent Tom Abbott is assigned to the kidnapping case in which Maddie has become an accomplice. In a journey that takes them to Baton Rouge, a mutual attraction becomes evident, but Tom and Maddie cannot trust each other.

Will Maddie ever discover who she is? Will her real family ever find her? Will Maddie and Tom listen to their hearts? Or will they choose honor over love?

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[Hot Deal] Love Online

Love OnlineLove Online by Nancy Toback

Tom has loved Jessica since high school. And sixteen years later he still does. But Jess sees Tom as her best friend – a chum. Tom is certain she’ll never view him as anything else, and he’s too afraid of possibly ruining their friendship to tell her how he really feels.

As a successful chef in Manhattan, Jessica Stewart has reached her professional goals – but her biological clock is ticking. In need of a husband, Jessica decides an online dating service is the answer. Since Tom knows her better than anyone else does, she seeks his help in completeing the questionnaire.

Can Jessica learn to trust God – instead of the Internet – for love? Can Tom fulfill his promise to Jessica’s father to protect her, even if she’s determined to find love on-line?

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LeAnn Carpenter Brown January 29, 2013 at 5:43 pm

I love it.

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