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April 4, 2013

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Johnny CornflakesJohnny Cornflakes
by Denise George
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The heart-warming tale of Johnny Cornflakes is based on a true story, presented in vivid detail by master storyteller Denise George. The narrative offers hope even in difficult places, challenges our attitudes toward others and shows how God can work in the most unexpected ways through the most unlikely, unloved people.

Denise George is an internationally popular writer and speaker best known for creative Biblical application. Denise is married to Dr. Timothy George, executive editor of Christianity Today and founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.

Replication: The Jason Experiment – Save 70%

Replication: The Jason ExperimentReplication: The Jason Experiment
by Jill Williamson

A girl discovers her geneticist father is covering up multiple secrets – all of which are named Jason.

Jason 3:3 – known as Martyr – always believed his life had purpose. As one of the hundreds of clones living in a closed-off underground facility beneath an Alaskan farm, he has been told his genetics hold the key to saving humanity from an airborne pandemic aboveground, and his purpose will be filled on his upcoming eighteenth birthday.

The problem is no such pandemic exists. Unaware of the truth, Martyr wishes for one glimpse of the sky before his expiration date arrives. His escape leads him to the home of one of the scientists, and to Abby Goyer. As she helps Martyr, she can’t help but notice his uncanny resemblance to the high school quarterback. Abby soon uncovers the dark truth behind Jason Farms and her dad’s work, and decides to show Martyr his true value and worth.

As Martyr learns the truth behind his existence, he must decide if his God-given purpose is connected to the farm, or if it rests in a life with Abby.

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Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions – Only 52 Cents!

Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common QuestionsHeaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions by Randy Alcorn

This 60-page book provides a sampling of some of the questions and answers found in Randy Alcorn’s Heaven. This handy little book makes a great gift!


  • 18 easy-to-understand questions and answers adapted from the best-selling book Heaven
  • Perfect gift for non-believers
  • Great evangelism piece
  • Convenient pocket-size, easy to fit in purses, backpacks, and briefcases

The Kindle edition of this booklet is only 52 cents today! You can also pick up the Paperback version of this booklet for only 55 cents if you would like to have both editions.

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Beauty and The Bible – Only 99 Cents!

Beauty and The BibleBeauty and The Bible by Reev Robledo

What if we discovered the personal diaries of the Bible’s most well-loved, women of the faith?

Each story, told in the first-person perspective, shows how one who has extraordinary beauty is faced with ordinary challenges that even modern women face:

Childlessness (Sarah), manipulation (Rebekah), being a second wife (Rachel), genocide (Esther), submission (Abigail), rape (Tamar) and family issues (Daughters of Job).

At the end of each chapter is a study guide for personal devotion or group studies.

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Bonhoeffer Speaks Today – Save $16

Bonhoeffer Speaks TodayBonhoeffer Speaks Today by Mark Devine

Imprisoned and eventually executed for his opposition to Hitler’s regime, the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer continues to fascinate and inspire Christians across the world. His life epitomizes authenticity, commitment, and sacrifice.

Devine writes, β€œWhen a man willingly exposes himself to suffering and death for his faith and for others, we take notice and with good reason. While martyrdom neither proves nor produces a spiritual giant, the possibility does arise, and this piques a distinctive longing common to followers of Jesus Christ.”

This book is published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s birth in 1906. It allows Bonhoeffer to speak to today’s believer in the following areas: knowing and doing the will of God, the importance and role of the Church, the call to witness, and the role of suffering and the path to hope.

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Restless Heart (The Flanagans)

Restless Heart (The Flanagans)Restless Heart (The Flanagans) by Marta Perry

A search for her roots brought midwife Fiona Flanagan to Pennsylvania Dutch country – and made her wonder whether she should turn back. The area’s mixture of Amish and English culture confused her, and her first encounter with local police chief Ted Rittenhouse didn’t help. He’d thought she was breaking into her own office!

Despite the misunderstanding, Fiona could see that Ted’s tough-as-nails exterior hid a kind soul – one caught between two worlds, seeking a place to belong. She felt the same, but trusting him with her heart would require the biggest step of faith she had ever taken.

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