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January 16, 2014

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Prairie by Chautona Havig

PrairiePrairie by Chautona Havig

Jessa Davidson enjoyed a lifelong fascination and desire for life on the prairie. However, she never expected that fascination to become reality. A far cry from her apartment in Pittsburgh, the world of Prairie is more than just a change in geography – it’s a change of life. In Prairie, Jessa examines the innermost parts of her soul and discovers desires she never knew she had.

From the moment she awoke, transported from the cold Pennsylvania winter, on the sunbathed summer prairie, she knew her life would never be the same.

The people of Prairie welcomed her and accepted her – almost without question, but so much of her life changed in that moment – her hopes, dreams, values, and the absolutes of things like time – that she feared accepting her new life as reality.

Is Prairie the dreams of her life come true – or her worst nightmare. Is it real? Is it permanent? Or will she awake to discover that she’s lost her mind – or worse, her life?

And the biggest question on Jessa’s heart? Does she care?

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Flight to Heaven by Capt. Dale Black

Flight to HeavenFlight to Heaven by Capt. Dale Black

Flight To Heaven is a beautifully written and amazing account of life, death – and life again. In the early days of his flying career, Capt. Dale Black was a passenger in a horrific airplane crash which some have called the most ironic in aviation history. He was the only survivor. In the gruesome aftermath of the crash Dale experienced a life-changing journey to heaven. This was not a vision or a dream, but a very real experience. To say that his journey to heaven transformed him forever, is an understatement. Not only was Dale’s life forever altered but his story has already changed the lives of tens of thousands.

In this captivating book you’ll learn about angelic guides, living Light, and indescribable music from the astonishing city of gold. Dale describes the luxurious countryside, the massive rainbow colored wall with gates of pearl, the awesome townships and the spiritual family that welcomed him. He shares with intricate detail the glorious beauty, radiant colors, intoxicating aromas, and boundless love and joy he experienced while in heaven.

To those who have lost loved ones, this book is a source of deep comfort. It also gives readers renewed purpose and glorious hope for the future. This story is full of challenges and struggles that culminate in “overcoming faith” guaranteed to inspire. This flight to heaven dramatically changed Dale’s life – reading this book could change yours too.

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A Distant Music by BJ Hoff

A Distant MusicA Distant Music by BJ Hoff

In the first book of the Mountain Song Legacy series, readers step into a small Kentucky coal mining townin the late 1800’s where hope is found in the hearts of two young girls – the vibrant, red–headed Maggie MacAuley and her fragile friend Summer Rankin.

When Jonathan Stuart, the latest in a succession of educators, actually wants to continue teaching in theone–room schoolhouse, then Maggie and Summer know that he is special. So when Jonathan’s cherished flute is stolen, the girls try to find a way to restore music to his life.

Sorrow and joy follow inthe days to come, and through it all Maggie, Jonathan, and a community rediscover the gifts of faith, friendship, and unwavering love.

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The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make: Finding Your Place in God’s Plan

The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make: Finding Your Place in God's PlanThe 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make: Finding Your Place in God’s Plan by Pam Farrel

Women today have important decisions to make about family, career, and ministry. Sometimes the daily choices seem overwhelming. Popular author and speaker Pam Farrel encourages women to discover the joy of finding their place in God’s plan as they:

  • stop pleasing people and start pleasing God
  • find a positive place to direct their creativity, energy, and enthusiasm
  • gain confidence about the value of their time and efforts
  • assess their strengths and weaknesses, skills, and talents

Pam’s motivating, liberating message will empower women to pursue God’s best for their life.

This popular book, now with a fresh new cover for today’s readers, includes a study guide and discussion questions for personal or small group use.

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Promise Me Tomorrow by Lori Wick

Promise Me TomorrowPromise Me Tomorrow by Lori Wick

Katherine Taggert shines like a ray of sunshine at her aunt and uncle’s orphanage. Unaccustomed to traveling alone in the pioneer West, Rusty is accompanied on her first orphanage placement trip by the kind but reserved widower Chase McCandles.

When Chase offers Rusty a position in his stately home as a companion for his young son, Quintin, Rusty accepts. But when she realized how little time Chase spends with Quintin, Rusty’s heart is torn. How can she convince Chase that his son desperately needs a father?

And can Chase learn to trust God to help him demonstrate his love and affection for Quintin – and for Rusty?

A heartwarming story of love, trust, and family.

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The Bargain by Aaron D. Gansky

The BargainThe Bargain by Aaron D. Gansky

Connor Reedly will do anything to appease Nadine, his dying wife. Her cancer is voracious, relentless. So when she asks to see her sister Aida Mitchell in Hailey, California, a destitute desert town, he reluctantly agrees. When she asks him to meet Mason Becker, a friend of her sister, he unwillingly complies. Mason offers him $250,000 to write ten articles in eight days, insinuating if Connor agrees, Nadine will be healed. Connor assumes Mason is psychotic, but it’s a risk he feels he must take.

Who is Mason, really? Where did he get the money? What was the purpose of these articles? If Mason refuses to answer these questions, Connor promises to walk out on the project. It is then that Mason reveals the truth of the situation – a truth that, at first, sounds far-fetched. A truth that will shake Connor to his very core. It will capsize his deepest held convictions; it will rattle his blackest skeletons; it will threaten his very life.

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