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October 17, 2021

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'Twas the Kiss Before Christmas (Christmas Mountain Clean Romance Series Book 4) To keep her job, outdoorsy Faith Sterling must convince city-boy Adam Kline not to sell the luxury excursion business he inherited, but what she doesn’t count on is falling in love.

Faith Sterling relishes experiencing the great outdoors in style, so her job at Silver Bells Luxury Tours in Christmas Mountain, Montana is ideal. Sure, business has been slow of late, but hopefully the influx of tourists for the holiday season will give them the much-needed boost in sales they need.

Adam Kline is a city-boy who inherited Silver Bells Luxury Tours when his dad passed away. Adam regrets not spending more time with his dad due to his busy work schedule heading a PR firm in Manhattan. Since the store is a painful reminder of that fact, he wants nothing more than to sell it.

But Adam doesn’t count on Faith, who’s determined to show him how fantastic her small mountain town is, and convince him to keep the store and his dad’s dream alive. Soon, Adam is thinking about more than the future of the store—he’s thinking of a future with Faith.

Will the enchanting outdoor excursions be enough to convince Adam to take a chance on keeping the store open? More importantly, will a little Christmas magic help Faith and Adam remember that business is business, but love is what matters most of all?

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Autumn Skies (A Bluebell Inn Romance Book 3) From the bestselling author of The Convenient Groom and A December Bride (now beloved Hallmark Original movies) comes the third and final novel in the Bluebell Inn series!

When a mysterious man turns up at Grace’s family-run inn, it’s instant attraction. But she’s already got a lot on her plate: running the Bluebell Inn, getting Blue Ridge Outfitters off the ground, and coping with a childhood event she’d thought was long past.

A gunshot wound has resurrected the past for secret service agent Wyatt Jennings, and a mandatory leave of absence lands him in Bluebell, North Carolina. There he must try and come to grips with the crisis that altered his life forever.

Grace needs experience for her new outfitters business, so when Wyatt needs a mountain guide, she’s more than happy to step up to the plate. As their journey progresses, Grace soon has an elusive Wyatt opening up, and Wyatt is unwittingly drawn to Grace’s fresh outlook and sense of humor.

There’s no doubt the two have formed a special bond, but will Wyatt’s secrets bring Grace’s world crashing down? Or will those secrets end up healing them both?

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Healing the Hero (The Heroes of Freedom Ridge Book 3) Healing the Hero: A Christian Army Ranger Christmas Romance A dream job. A dreamier boss.

Ashley Castle jumps at a chance to show off her skills as head chef when she lands the job at Liberty Grille in the Freedom Ridge Resort. Before long, she develops a full-blown crush on her boss but ignores her growing feelings. Nothing can happen as long as his nightmare ex-girlfriend remains in the picture, so she keeps her focus on work.

Restaurant Manager, Daniel Winchester hires Ashley and can’t help but be drawn to the new hire. If it weren’t for her faith in a God he stopped trusting while serving in Iraq, he could fall for her. He can’t let that happen, though.

When Ashley overhears a sinister plot, she’s torn between revealing it, which will mean risking her job if Daniel doesn’t believe her, and keeping it to herself. Daniel has a chance to overcome his demons, but will he take the risk and discover love in the process or bury the betrayal beneath his wit and charm once again?

Return to Freedom, Colorado and enjoy the faith, friendships, and forever-afters of the Heroes of Freedom Ridge in this Christian Christmas romance.

Healing the Hero is the third book in the Heroes of Freedom Ridge series, but each of the books can be read as standalones.

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Borealis Breads: 75 Recipes for Breads, Soups, Sides, and More For more than twenty-five years, Borealis Breads has been a vibrant and lasting part of Maine’s dynamic food scene. Relying on locally sourced ingredients and grains grown and processed right here in Maine, Borealis owner Jim Amaral was a pioneer in the local food movement and helped lead the way in Maine’s wheat and grain renaissance.

As much a celebration of the art and science of sourdough as it is the success of an iconic bakery, this book presents favorite recipes from the bakery, plus delicious options for pairing with such delicious breads as Rosemary Hazelnut , Lemon Sage Flatbread, Portuguese Corn Bread , Maine Coast Focaccia, and many more.

Jim Amaral, founder and owner of Borealis Breads has worked with area farmers to grow custom grains and become a vibrant part of Maine’s foodscape. This collaboration is a book about the renaissance of Maine grains, recipes from the bakery’s twenty-five years, how Maine made it to this point in its agricultural life, and where the farmers, millers, and bakers will take us in the future.

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Maple Sugar Crush (An Autumnboro Sweet Romance Book 2) Powerball winner Josie Morgan has learned the hard way that dating, in her financial situation, will only lead to heartbreak. She’s been perfectly happy living the single life and running the Pumpkin Everything country store. Too bad her mother can’t seem to take the hint.

Unwilling to face another lineup of suitors and gold-diggers at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, Josie opts to stay behind in Autumnboro to host a free meal for anybody without a place to go. When Josie’s family turns up in Autumnboro, faking a relationship with funeral planner Riley Parker seems like the only way to make it through the holiday. Like every other man on Earth, Riley’s only interested in her money. So what if she has a teeny, tiny crush? If he agrees to help her out, she’ll gladly write him a check. But as Thanksgiving draws closer, turkey and stuffing aren’t the only things heating up, and maybe money isn’t the only thing on Riley’s mind. Josie’s already hit the lottery once, dare she hope for anything more?

While this is the second book in the Autumnboro series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel.

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The Hope of Glory - A Devotional Guide for Older Adults Illumination Book Awards Winner, The Hope of Glory, is a devotional guide for older adults and those leading weekly devotions in retirement homes, assisted living residences, skilled nursing facilities, senior centers and church.

These time-tested devotions will restore a sense of purpose and instill the Gospel message of hope and love. Each devotion reminds us of who we are in God’s eyes. We are not old and useless, but men and women created in His image who still have a life to live, a story to tell, and a future of eternal glory!

For individual or group use.

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Season of Hope (North Country Romance Book 2) Former Delta Commander Brooks Harriman crashed and burned when his fiance betrayed him with his very own brother. With the intervention of God and a really great Baltimore cop, Brooks became a recovering alcoholic. He left Baltimore, the O’s, baseball, church and his family to seek a life of quiet faith and solitude in the North Country. Now a woodcrafter, a talent and trade passed on from his father, Brooks has created a steady, non-drama life. Just what he wants.

But when Rita Slocum works to conquer her own addiction, and when he sees the struggle of a single mother overcoming addiction in a small town, Brooks wants to help, but he hasn’t let anyone in, anyone really close for a lot of years. Does he dare start now? With Rita? She’s been betrayed by her husband and her brother-in-law and is dealing with three kids, one of whom is a– he hates to say it– brat. When a stray dog rattles his well-guarded quiet life, and three kids bring love and chaos to his ordered existence, the former operative realizes that maybe this is the second chance he doesn’t think he deserves… but maybe–
Just maybe–
He does.

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