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December 30, 2012

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The Well-Lived LaughThe Well-Lived Laugh
by Rachel St. John-Gilbert
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Ladies, a little perspective can change everything – and owning your own perspective (with a good dose of humor) is what The Well-Lived Laugh is all about.

Brand-new from humor writer Rachel St. John-Gilbert (author of Wake Up Laughing and Laugh Yourself to Sleep), The Well-Lived Laugh: Designing a Life that Keeps You Smiling offers a quirky look at life’s crazy-making pressures – body image, relationships, social networking, the food police – and encouragement to develop your own unique perspective to help eliminate those pressures.

Through her hilarious observations, St. John-Gilbert will help you embrace the beauty in life that comes through each experience, whether planned or not.

Everything the Bible Says About PrayerEverything the Bible Says About Prayer
by Baker Publishing Group
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Countless books have been written about prayer, how to pray, and when to pray. This book includes exactly what God says about prayer, straight from his Word. It is organized by subject, such as prayer in the Old Testament, types of prayer, prayers of the psalmists, and prayers of Jesus. All the scriptural prayers and primary references to prayer are collected in this clear, concise book, with enough explanation to help even those new to the Bible. Its length and focus make it perfect for readers who love the Word of God.

A Better Way: Make Disciples Wherever Life HappensA Better Way: Make Disciples Wherever Life Happens
by Dale Losch
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Better does not mean new. As you will see, better is about recommitting ourselves to something old yet perpetually powerful and original.

Neither does better imply past failure. The countless success of those who have gone before us in taking the gospel to the ends of the earth are proof of God’s blessing.

But better as it is used in this book does imply the possibility of improvement. It implies that we have room to grow – not in terms of the mandate or the message, but in what we are doing about it. The world has changed technologically, politically, linguistically, economically, and in virtually every way imaginable. We cannot simply make micro-adjustments in a world of macro-change.

A Better Way is about Jesus’ way to impact our world with His life-revolutionizing message, and how a fresh commitment to His way and fresh yet at the same time timeless approach in our methods can change the world in our lifetime. The approach? Disciple-makers from all professions bringing God’s love to life in the world’s least-reached marketplaces.

[Hot Deal] The Beginning: A prequel to The Bridge

The Beginning: A prequel to The BridgeThe Beginning: A prequel to The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes this e-short prequel to her upcoming novel, The Bridge, shedding light on the love story behind the bookstore and how it came to be a place of hope and encouragement.

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[Hot Deal] Josiah for President: A Novel – Save 75%

Josiah for President: A NovelJosiah for President: A Novel by Martha Bolton

When former Congressman Mark Stedman throws in the towel on his presidential campaign, his only choice is to return to his home state and decide how to spend the rest of his life… until he meets Josiah Stoltzfus, an Amish farmer from Pennsylvania.

Stedman learns more from Josiah in a few hours than in his many years in office. He comes to the conclusion that someone like Josiah should be running the country. Not a career politician, but someone with a little old-fashioned common sense, someone who’s not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty. Someone like Josiah Stoltzfus.
Using his old campaign headquarters for a base, Mark Stedman determines to introduce a new candidate to America. He pledges to do everything in his power to make sure Josiah gets elected. But can a plain man of faith turn the tide of politics and become the leader of America, and what will he have to risk to do it?

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[Hot Deal] Through the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th President – Save 85%

Through the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th PresidentThrough the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th President by Jimmy Carter

In Through the Year with Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth President of the United States takes you on a unique journey into the heart of the Christian faith. Based on more than three decades of practical Bible teaching, the readings in this ebook draw from the riches of God’s Word and the compelling experiences of Mr. Carter’s own life. Whether through fascinating glimpses into behind-the-scenes activity at the White House, or insightful remembrances of his career in the U.S. Navy, Mr. Carter never ceases to connect the wisdom of Scripture with your own crucial place on the stage of life.

Frank, honest, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and always relevant, Through the Year with Jimmy Carter challenges readers to be more Christ-like every day of their lives.

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