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October 21, 2012

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God Has Better Things to do Than My LaundryGod Has Better Things to do Than My Laundry
by Heather Nestleroad
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If you’ve ever tackled a mound of laundry taller than you, made reservations instead of dinner, turned to prayer to deal with your teenage daughters, and accidentally wet yourself laughing at your best friend, then you’ll like God Has Better Things to do Than My Laundry (and Other Observations by an Overly Dramatic Mom).

Heather Nestleroad gathers all of her blog posts from the last few years into a comprehensive book that can be enjoyed by parents, chocolate lovers, and coffee drinkers of all types. Read about how Heather learned to like (and order) coffee, explores her questions about the purpose of our lives, bares her neurotic confessions, and details conversations you’ll swear you just had with someone in your family.

God's LoveGod’s Love
by Denise Lorenz
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Do you ever wonder if God loves you? Are you too bad for God or anyone to love? What do you need to do for God to love you?

You can confidently know that God loves you with no more doubts and no more questioning. Regardless of how those around you are treating you, you can know that you are loved.

Sometimes the circumstances of your life seem to tell you that you are not loved. Looking beyond the circumstances to God and his love for you can make a difference in how you view and handle your circumstances.

Sometimes God can be seen as distant, impersonal, and a disciplinarian. The Bible is meant to be a love letter, and within its pages are gold nuggets that will show that God wants an intimate relationship with you based on His love for you. He wants to be your discipler, not the one who passes out discipline. He loves you unconditionally, and without reservation.

Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast CancerStrength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Breast Cancer
by Shirley Corder
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Nothing can sap a person’s strength and hope quite like a cancer diagnosis – unless it is the energy-stealing chemotherapy and surgeries faced in the fight against cancer. But one can find hope and strength in the pages of Scripture and in the experience of someone who has been there.

Strength Renewed is an encouraging devotional for those living in the valley of cancer. Meditations combine Scripture and stories from the author’s own experience and can be read in sequential order to move the reader through a typical cancer journey from diagnosis through treatment. Each devotion also stands on its own, so readers can go directly to the entry that speaks to their need. Each devotional includes a short prayer and a Scripture verse for encouragement.

Everything the Bible Says About Angels and DemonsEverything the Bible Says About Angels and Demons
by Baker Publishing Group
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What does the Bible say about Angels and Demons?

Supernatural beings – both the good and bad – fascinate us because they are surrounded by mystery. What do they look like? Are they sent to protect us? Are they even real, and should we be afraid?

It turns out God has already answered our questions about angels and their fallen counterparts, demons – we just have to open the Bible.

In this book, every scriptural reference to angels and demons has been carefully collected and organized. When necessary, brief but clear explanations are provided, using insights gathered from trustworthy commentaries.

There’s plenty to discover in Scripture; let the Word of God quench your curiosity about angels and rest your fears about demons.

[Hot Deal] Weddings and Wasabi – Save 93%

Weddings and WasabiWeddings and Wasabi by Camy Tang

After finally graduating with a culinary degree, Jennifer Lim is pressured by her family to work at her control-freak aunty’s restaurant. But after a family dispute, Jenn is determined to no longer be a doormat and instead starts her own catering company. Her search for a wine merchant brings John into her life – a tall, dark, handsome biker in form-fitting black leather, who’s Hispanic to boot. It would be wonderfully wild to snag a man like that!

Shy engineer Edward tentatively tries out his birthday present from his winery-owner uncle – a Harley-Davidson complete with the trimmings. Jennifer seems attracted to the rough, aggressive image, but it isn’t his real self. Is she latching onto him just to spite her horrified family? And if this spark between them is real, will showing her the true guy underneath put it out?

And what’s with the goat in the backyard?

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[Hot Deal] The Tomato Patch (The Amish of Ephrata) – Save 86%

The Tomato Patch (The Amish of Ephrata)The Tomato Patch (The Amish of Ephrata)
by Sarah Price

Priscilla Smucker finds herself receiving unwanted attention in the community over an upcoming charity event at the local Mennonite church. When jealousy turns to bullying, how will she ever begin to handle it?

This Amish novella is a perfect read for young adults and adult readers who love Amish or Christian fiction. Includes discussion questions for book clubs or just private reflection.

The Tomato Patch is Book 1 of the The Amish of Ephrata Series. Continue reading the series with Book 2: The Quilting Bee.

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