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April 21, 2013

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10 Hours To Live10 Hours To Live
by Brian Wills
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Ten hours to live. That was Brian Wills’s prognosis for his rare form of cancer. Thus began a battle to receive God’s powerful promise of healing.

A Texas Sky – Save $13

A Texas SkyA Texas Sky by Lori Wick

Dakota Rawlings, Texas Ranger, is accustomed to big adventure… but nothing in his work has prepared him for the seemingly easy task of escorting Miss Darvi Wingate to the town of Stillwater and on to Aurora.

Quick–witted, game for anything, and just as passionate about her newfound faith as Dakota is about his, Darvi seems to find trouble under every rock. When she becomes a pawn in one of the biggest rackets in town, she wonders if even a Texas Ranger can get her out of this one. Out here in the West, the stakes are high – for money, for power, and for love… under a Texas sky.

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The Malacca Conspiracy – Save 87%

The Malacca ConspiracyThe Malacca Conspiracy by Don Brown

Set in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States, The Malacca Conspiracy is a bone-chilling tale of terrorism on the high seas, of political assassination and nuclear brinkmanship. And for Zack and Diane – your favorite JAG characters from Don Brown’s popular Navy Justice Series – a story of hope for a longstanding romance that is now or never.

When a dastardly plot is hatched in the Malaysian seaport of Malacca to attack civilian oil tankers at sea, to drive up the price of crude oil futures, and to assassinate the Indonesian president and use fat windfall profits to finance a nuclear attack against American cities, Navy JAG officers Zack Brewer and Diane Cocernian reunite in a sizzling race against the clock to foil the conspiracy before disaster strikes.

But as President Mack Williams sends ships of the U.S. Seventh Fleet towards the Malacca Straights to reassert control over the sea lanes, will Navy JAG officers Zack Brewer and Diane Colcernian survive this dangerous and final high-stakes drama of life and death?

You won’t be able to put this thriller down until you find out.

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The Holy Bible, King James Version – Only 99 Cents!

The Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV) with Search Every Verse NavigationThe Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV)
With Search Every Verse Navigation

Why is this King James Bible the best one for the Kindle?

This format contains paragraphing of the Bible verses.

Simply type the first three letters of a book and the verse number and go. For instance to jump quickly to John 3:16, you type “joh3.16” and hit enter. Easy as that!

Because each and every verse is labeled, there is no guessing or scrolling around to figure out where you are.

Proper verse spacing and the fact that every verse is put in superscript makes this Bible easy on the eyes.

The Table Of Contents (TOC) appears both at the beginning of the Bible and at the beginning of each chapter, which means less scrolling around to get to where you want to be.

We strive to put out the best formatted books for the Kindle. Let us know if you have any questions or comments as we actively read the reviews to constantly improve this book.

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Tidewater Inn – Save $13

Tidewater InnTidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

Welcome to RITA Award finalist Colleen Coble’s Hope Beach, a place of intoxicating beauty where trouble hits with the force of a hurricane.

Inheriting a beautiful old hotel on the Outer Banks could be a dream come true for Libby. The inn cries out for her restorer’s talent and love of history. She’s delighted to learn of the family she never knew she had. And the handsome Coast Guard lieutenant she’s met there on the island could definitely be the man of her dreams…

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Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World – Save $12

Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the WorldScared: A Novel on the Edge of the World
by Tom Davis

Stuart Daniels has hit bottom. Once a celebrated and award-winning photojournalist, he is reeling from debt, a broken marriage, and crippling depression. The source of Stuart’s grief is his most famous photo, a snapshot of brutality in the dangerous Congo. A haunting image that indicts him as a passive witness to gross injustice.

Stuart is given a one last chance to redeem his career: A make-or-break assignment covering the AIDS crisis in a small African country. It is here that Stuart meets Adanna, a young orphan fighting for survival in a community ravaged by tragedy and disease. But in the face of overwhelming odds, Adanna finds hope in a special dream, where she is visited by an illuminated man and given a precious gift.

Now, in a dark place that’s a world away from home, Stuart will once again confront the harsh reality of a suffering people in a forgotten land. And as a chance encounter becomes divine providence, two very different people will find their lives forever changed.

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