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April 14, 2013

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The Jesus Experiment: What Happens When You Follow in His Footsteps?The Jesus Experiment: What Happens When You Follow in His Footsteps?
by Bill Perkins
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If you loved The Purpose-Driven Life and One Month to Live, then you’ll love The Jesus Experiment.

Popular author and speaker Bill Perkins challenges you to spend twelve weeks discovering what it really means to live like Jesus. More than a book, it’s an invitation for you to try becoming like him in your feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. Each week, you’ll focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ life, including how he faced his fears, how he talked with God, and how he helped others. As you examine your own life in light of the Lord’s, you’ll be amazed at how your mind and heart will change to more closely reflect his.

A Claim of Her Own – Save 91%

A Claim of Her OwnA Claim of Her Own by Stephanie Grace Whitson

It’s 1876, and 20-year-old Mattie Flynn is determined to make a fresh start after fleeing from her sinister boss in the gambling house where she was employed as a singer. Mattie travels to Deadwood, South Dakota, in search of her younger brother, who went ahead of her in hopes of making a fortune in the gold mines.

All Mattie wants is a safe and respectable life for the two of them, but that doesn’t seem to be her destiny as she faces more heartache and trials. Will the suspicious bottles of gold dust from her brother’s claim be the key to her future… or does the handsome street preacher, who is always turning the other cheek, truly hold the answers to her deepest longings?

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A Quick Overview of the Bible – Save $10

A Quick Overview of the BibleA Quick Overview of the Bible
by Douglas A. Jacoby

Moses’ world would hardly be recognizable today. David and Solomon, Isaiah and Nehemiah, Peter and Paul… all the biblical authors wrote to people whose mind-sets were very different from readers’ today. Add to that the immensity of the Bible story… no wonder the Scriptures can be difficult to understand!

Bible scholar Douglas Jacoby has taught Bible survey courses for more than 25 years, bridging the gulf between the biblical world and the twenty-first century. He uses clear, easy-to-understand language to explain the big picture of the Bible and show how each of the pieces fit together. Among the many compelling issues covered, readers will discover…

  • the basic chronological outline of the Bible
  • the most important themes of the Old and New Testaments
  • how the Bible relates to a twenty-first-century worldview

Perfect for personal or group use, this survey removes many of the barriers that keep people from understanding and enjoying the Bible.

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Truffles by the Sea – Save $11

Truffles by the SeaTruffles by the Sea by Julie Carobini

Determined to turn her life around, Gaby Flores moves to a Ventura seaside loft, takes on a new motto – Be gullible no more – and begins to rebuild her flower store while searching for Mr. So Right. But when a lawsuit, an eviction notice, a near-empty bank account, and quirky neighbors invade her beachy world, not even chocolate can solve her worries as her fledgling faith is put to the test. Discussion questions included.

Truffles by the Sea is a follow up to Chocolate Beach! This second in the Chocolate series was an ACFW Book of the Year Finalist.

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Amish Prayers by Beverly Lewis – Save 87%

Amish PrayersAmish Prayers by Beverly Lewis

The Amish as well as other Anabaptist groups have used the same book of prayers for centuries. Now for the first time a selection of these prayers is readily available in English. This exclusive authentic translation from the original German – with an introduction by Beverly Lewis – will give readers insights into the spiritual foundations of the Plain people. Each prayer is paired with a Scripture passage to draw readers closer to God.

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All About Jesus: The Single Story from Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John – On Sale for 99 Cents!

All About Jesus: The Single Story from Matthew, Mark, Luke, & JohnAll About Jesus: The Single Story from Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John by Roger Quy

Who was Jesus? What did he say? What did he do? This book is all about Jesus. It puts together the story of Jesus’ life and message told by the people who knew him best – his disciples and friends – as recorded in the four Gospels of the Bible. Although the words were written over 2000 years ago, his message of peace, hope, love, and forgiveness still resonates with people of all races, nationalities, educational, and economic backgrounds. Some like what he said, while others disagree, but almost everyone finds him compelling.

The story of Jesus comes to us from four different authors, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, written over a period of nearly seventy years. The message and uniqueness of Jesus remain the same, but each author tells the story from his perspective and for his purpose. Some writers wrote more; others wrote less. But what if we could read it as one single story from beginning to end? This book does just that by combining the four reports of Jesus’ life into a single chronological story, using the easy-to-read text of the NIRV Bible. Take a new look at Jesus – his life, his miracles, and his teachings – and to come to your own conclusions about the carpenter from Nazareth.

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