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May 12, 2013

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Rescue the CaptorsRescue the Captors
by Russell Stendal
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The terror began on August 14, 1983. American bush pilot Russell Stendal, on routine business, landed his plane in a remote Colombian village. Gunfire exploded throughout the town and within minutes Russell’s 142 day ordeal had begun. The guerrilla fighters explained that this was a kidnapping for ransom and that he would be held until payment was made.

Held at gunpoint deep in the jungle and with little else to occupy his time, Russell began to write. He told the story of his life and kept a record of his experience in the guerrilla camp. His “book” became a bridge to the men who held him and now serves as the basis for this incredible true story of how God’s love penetrated a physical and ideological jungle.

The NKJV Daily Bible: Read the Entire Bible in One Year – Save 82%

The NKJV Daily Bible: Read the Entire Bible in One YearThe NKJV Daily Bible: Read the Entire Bible in One Year by Thomas Nelson

One of the most popular versions of the Bible, the NKJV, is now available in a one-year format with the release of The NKJV Daily Bible. With each day’s reading broken into passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, it’s easy to divide your daily reading up in a way that best suits your schedule. Its combination of accuracy and poetic language also makes the New King James Version® perfect for daily Bible reading.

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Avenged – Save $10

AvengedAvenged by Janice Cantore

When Officer Carly Edwards finds three young gangbangers shot execution style, she and her husband, Sergeant Nick Anderson, head of the gang unit, fear Las Playas may be on the verge of a gang war. The Las Playas PD is put on high alert as tensions escalate between rival gangs, especially after Carly confiscates weapons from a gang leader and learns they were stolen from a military base along with explosive devices.

But something isn’t adding up, and Carly suspects there might be more going on. As she prepares to testify at a major trial, Carly’s reputation is shredded by a reporter apparently trying to discredit her professionally. Facing pressure on all fronts, Carly must rely on faith and trust God in a deeper way during one of the biggest struggles of her career.

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52 Things Kids Need from a Mom – Save 81%

52 Things Kids Need from a Mom52 Things Kids Need from a Mom
by Angela Thomas

Bestselling author and mother of four children Angela Thomas brings her trademark storytelling and biblical teaching to this book of encouragement for moms who, in the daily whir of busyness, long to connect with their kids in new ways.

With compassion and creativity, Angela presents 52 inspirations to help moms experience intentional mothering, intentional living, and intentional joy.

Moms at all phases of parenting can adopt one idea a week or try several at once. This is a fun, guilt-free resource to help every mom lead with God’s love and delight in the small moments that make up an abundant life.

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Whirlwind by Robert Liparulo – Save 70%

WhirlwindWhirlwind by Robert Liparulo

They’ve been to three worlds in less than a day. Time isn’t just running out… it’s running wild.

David King is reeling from his travels through history-and the evil he’s found there. The last thing he needs is his great-great-uncle Jesse’s hospital-bed instructions: You can’t simply do nothing. You must fix things.

David and his brother Xander’s search for their abducted mother has repeatedly led them on strange and terrifying journeys as they’ve stepped through the portals of the creepy old house and into some of history’s most turbulant moments… and confronted an unimaginably bleak vision of the future.

Now Jesse’s words saddle them with an obligation to not only visit the past, but the need to rewrite it.

Fulfilling their purpose will take everything they have, both mentally and physically. But they have no choice… because everything in the past-and the future-is on the line.

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Where to Find It in the Bible (A to Z Series) – Save 67%

Where to Find It in the Bible (A to Z Series)Where to Find It in the Bible (A to Z Series)
by Ken Anderson

Locate specific Bible references to over 3,700 contemporary subjects with this Ultimate A to Z Resource. Where to Find it in the Bible is a unique topical concordance that helps you find biblical passages that apply to traditional and 21st-century topics.

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