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October 27, 2012

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Truffles by the SeaTruffles by the Sea
by Julie Carobini
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Determined to turn her life around, Gaby Flores moves to a Ventura seaside loft, takes on a new motto – Be gullible no more – and begins to rebuild her flower store while searching for Mr. So Right. But when a lawsuit, an eviction notice, a near-empty bank account, and quirky neighbors invade her beachy world, not even chocolate can solve her worries as her fledgling faith is put to the test. Discussion questions included.

Truffles by the Sea is a follow up to Chocolate Beach! This second in the Chocolate series was an ACFW Book of the Year Finalist.

Call To The HeartCall To The Heart
by David Camden
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Five young Christian friends embark on a cross-country road trip. They are in search of a mysterious woman that is rumored to have the power to heal.

As Christians, they are skeptical about the woman they are seeking, but the clock is ticking, and finding her may be their only hope.

Close behind is a depraved ex-boyfriend, obsessed with the dark myth of vampirism, and intent on holding on to what is his – no matter what the cost.

Call To The Heart is a story of hope and faith, life and death, and the reality that occasionally angels intervene… sometimes in dramatic fashion, and not in a way that’s expected.

Secret Sisters: Volume ThreeSecret Sisters: Volume Three
by Sandra Byrd
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Each of the six volumes in this exciting series for girls aged 8-12 contains two complete books with a fun activity section at the end of each book.

Each volume includes: fun, friends, family, gentle Christian faith, and a fast-paced read.

If you enjoy the Secret Sisters series, be sure to check out Sandra’s Hidden Diary series, also on Kindle, as well as these Kindle titles: Chopsticks, Red Velvet, and Daisy Chains.

[Special Sale] 22 Karen Kingsbury Romances – Today Only

22 Karen Kingsbury Romances22 Karen Kingsbury Romances
by Karen Kingsbury

Award-winning author Karen Kingsbury is arguably America’s favorite inspirational writer with more than 50 novels to her name. Today’s deal features 22 of her best-selling novels covering five complete series: Bailey Flanigan, Above the Line, Sunrise, Redemption, and Firstborn.

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[Hot Deal] The Mind and the Machine – Save 90%

The Mind and the MachineThe Mind and the Machine by Douglas Groothuis

What does it mean to be human?

Drawing on C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, Dickerson gets at the heart of human nature itself, highlighting a far richer vision of personhood, creativity, and love. This thought-provoking book on a timely topic will appeal to those interested in science and religion, philosophy, and technology; readers of the materialist New Atheists; and anyone who simply cares what it means to be human.

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