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June 15, 2013

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Heaven is for Real for Kids – Save $12

Heaven is for Real for Kids: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and BackHeaven is for Real for Kids: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Sonja Burpo

Heaven is for real, and you are going to like it!

Colton Burpo came back from his trip to heaven with a very important message: Jesus really, really loves children. In an effort to reach even more families with this eternally significant story, this runaway bestseller is now told from Colton – kid to kids! Children will receive the same comfort and assurance that so many adults have received from the trade book.

Beautifully illustrated under Colton’s direction, he shares his experiences in first person and comments on things that will be important to kids. A letter to parents is included to guide them as they talk to their children about heaven. Scripture along with a Q&A section with answers from the Bible are also included in the book.

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Pray Big for Your Marriage – Save 86%

Pray Big for Your MarriagePray Big for Your Marriage by Will Jr. Davis

Marriage is one of the most important relationships in a person’s life – and one that benefits tremendously from prayer. Will Davis has taught people how to pray big for even the little things in life. Now he turns his straightforward and practical communication style to the marriage relationship.

In Pray Big for Your Marriage Davis helps readers combine God’s teachings on marriage with his promises on prayer. He shows men and women how to pray specific, pinpoint prayers for their spouses. Complete with a month-long prayer plan, Pray Big for Your Marriage teaches readers how to pray for emotional and spiritual intimacy, the spiritual growth of a spouse, purpose in marriage, and much more. Pray Big for Your Marriage is for all couples – those trying to save their marriage, enjoying marital bliss, or getting married soon.

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The Convenient Groom – Save $12

The Convenient GroomThe Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter

She wrote the book – literally – on finding the right mate. But does she really understand what love’s about?

Five hours before her Nantucket beach wedding – and on the eve of her big book launch – celebrity marriage counselor Kate Lawrence has everything in place.

Everything, that is, but the groom. She might not have a career, either, when her nationwide audience finds out their marriage guru has been left at the altar.

Enter Lucas Wright, who offers to stand in for the missing husband-to-be and marry her. Kate’s desperate enough to agree – although she’s sure this Mr. Wright is completely wrong for her. But can they pull it off? And why would Lucas marry her in the first place?

Could it be that “Dr. Kate” doesn’t know the first thing about love?

An inspiring tale of enduring love set in romantic Nantucket.

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The Jericho Sanction by Oliver North – Save 70%

The Jericho SanctionThe Jericho Sanction
by Oliver North

Oliver North follows his best-selling novel Mission Compromised with a suspenseful, action-packed sequel set in Israel and Iraq. Lt. Col. Peter Newman (USMC) and his family are threatened when his cover is blown. While preparing for a clandestine U.S. mission to find Iraqi nuclear weapons, Newman’s wife Rachel is kidnapped in Jerusalem – along with her friend, the wife of an Israeli Sayeret counter-terrorism operative responsible for Israeli terrorist assassinations.

Newman has to choose whether to go ahead with the mission or abandon it to find and rescue his wife. But Israel has discovered that Iraq has nukes and plans a preemptive attack on Baghdad with Jericho missiles. If that happens, and Islamic terrorists like Saddam and bin Laden respond in kind, it might trigger a Middle East war that could go global. It seems as if nothing can prevent an Armageddon.

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Home Sweet Home – Only 99 Cents!

Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home by Kristen Brown

Samantha Sweet is a widowed mother of three who decides it’s time to leave the city and go back to the provincial little town of Peabody, OH where she spent the first eighteen years of her life. Anxious to start a new life, Samantha decides to open up a business of her own, and throws herself into making the dream a reality. But along the way, there are plenty of things popping up to make life a little more challenging than she expected – nosy neighbors and cranky in-laws, attractive men and pretentious sisters, a gossipy mother, mysterious hate mail, and ghosts from her past that threaten to destroy everything she’s worked to achieve. And just when Sam thinks things couldn’t possibly get worse, there’s a murder that the local detective seems mighty determined to pin on the newest resident of Peabody. Suddenly Sam is overwhelmed with troubles she never imagined, and she knows the only way to get through any of it is by keeping her sense of humor and trusting that God really does know exactly what He is doing.

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If We Survive – Save 80%

If We SurviveIf We Survive by Andrew Klavan

They came on a mission of mercy, but now they’re in a fight for their lives.

High schooler Will Peterson and three friends journeyed to Central America to help rebuild a school. In a poor, secluded mountain village, they won the hearts of the local people with their energy and kindness.

But in one sudden moment, everything went horribly wrong. A revolution swept the country. Now, guns and terror are everywhere – and Americans are being targeted as the first to die.

Will and his friends have got to get out fast. But streets full of killers… hills patrolled by armies… and a jungle rife with danger stand between them and the border. Their one hope of escape lies with a veteran warrior who has lost his faith and may betray them at any moment. Their one dream is to reach freedom and safety and home.

If they can just survive.

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Riete Nijdeken June 15, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Hmm… "If we survive" is not currently available for purchase 🙁

Sylvia Pack Wolfe June 15, 2013 at 3:45 pm

Try once again… Just checked and it is available for $2.99 🙂

Riete Nijdeken June 15, 2013 at 10:37 pm

Nope, still not available. I guess it must be because I'm in Europe. They do that sometimes 🙁

Sharon Fyffe Owen June 17, 2013 at 12:58 am

Love, Love, Love this site!

Denise Truelove June 18, 2013 at 10:54 pm

heard this book is excellent!

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