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May 20, 2013

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Florian's GateFlorian’s Gate
by T. Davis Bunn
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As the main entrance to the medieval city of Cracow, Poland, centuries of history have passed through Florian’s Gate. But for Alexander Kantor, now a successful antiques dealer in London, the place holds only one memory. It was here that he was arrested by the Nazis as a young man. There he passed from freedom to imprisonment; there began a lifetime of challenges to his heritage, his well-being, his relationships and his faith.

Through dramatic events spanning fifty years, Florian’s Gate follows members of a war-torn Polish family as they come to terms with their circumstances and the choices that divided them. Set in the luxurious trappings of today’s London and the turbulent economies of Eastern Europe, the mysterious disappearance of an antiques dealer causes Alexander to travel back to his homeland. He did not suspect that the trail would ultimately lead to Florian’s Gate and the discovery of a treasure of infinite value.

Take One by Karen Kingsbury – Save $13

Take OneTake One
by Karen Kingsbury

Could they change the world – before the world changes them?

Filmmakers Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison left the mission field of Indonesia for the mission field of Hollywood with a dream bigger than both of them. Now they have done the impossible: raised enough money to produce a feature film with a message that could change the world.

But as Chase and Keith begin shooting, their well-laid plans begin to unravel. With millions of dollars on the line, they make a desperate attempt to keep the film from falling apart – even as a temperamental actress, a botched production schedule, and their own insecurities leave little room for the creative and spiritual passion that once motivated them. Was God really behind this movie after all? A chance meeting and friendship with John Baxter could bring the encouragement they need to stay on mission and produce a movie that will actually change people’s lives.

In the midst of the questions and the cameras, is it possible to keep things above the line and make a movie unlike anything done before – or is the risk too great for everyone?

The order for the Above the Line Series series is as follows:

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The Reluctant Entertainer: Every Woman’s Guide to Simple and Gracious Hospitality – Save $16

The Reluctant Entertainer: Every Woman's Guide to Simple and Gracious HospitalityThe Reluctant Entertainer: Every Woman’s Guide to Simple and Gracious Hospitality by Sandy Coughlin

Hospitality can be a blessing to both the host and her guests, but for many women today, it simply doesn’t happen. Feelings of inadequacy, unrealistic expectations, fear of failure, lack of time – all conspire to steal the joy that comes from opening one’s home and sharing fellowship with others.

In The Reluctant Entertainer, Sandy Coughlin relates to people in real ways about real meals that mortals cook, during which real conversations draw people together. Would-be hostesses will discover that true hospitality is not about being perfect, cooking a fancy meal, or spending a lot of money. Rather, it’s about an open door and an open heart.

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Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional – Save 80%

Once-A-Day At the Table Family DevotionalOnce-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional by Christopher D. Hudson

The Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional helps you discuss the principles and promises in the Bible as you enjoy a meal together. With 365 daily readings to help you start conversations with your family around the dinner table, it’s perfect for the family who wants to take time to center their lives on God’s Word. This devotional ebook suggests topics for conversation and then gives you a brief scripture passage and a devotion to read together.

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A Promise Born – Only 99 Cents!

A Promise BornA Promise Born by Cara C. Putman

In the midst of World War II, when the navy WAVES gives Evelyn the chance to get out of Washington, DC, and contribute to the war effort, she can’t leave fast enough.

Mark figures the distraction the WAVES cause doesn’t justify the assistance they provide. That is until a certain beautiful ensign offers suggestions that may help the engineers succeed in their mission.

When the actions of a spy put both Mark and Evelyn under suspicion, will the investigation make their relationship another casualty of war, or will it bring about the birth of a true promise of love?

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Sweet Sanctuary – Save $12

Sweet SanctuarySweet Sanctuary by Sheila Walsh

Wren has tried to shelter her only son from the tumult of the world. Now she’s about to find sanctuary… in the last place she ever expected.

In tiny Cottage Cover, on the coast of Maine, Wren Evans is raising her gifted son, Charlie. A single mom, she’s fought hard to give Charlie a stable, secure home life. When a prestigious music academy in Boston expresses interest in Charlie’s talent, Wren is willing to move them again to make his dreams come true.

But Wren doesn’t know that Charlie has been praying for her. And the answer to her son’s prayers will change both of their lives. As Wren plans their move to Boston, life in Maine begins to fall apart. Her job is threatened with budget cuts, and Wren’s grandmother, Ruth, arrives unannounced, with an outlandish request.

Ruth wants the family gathered together one last time, at the summer home where, years before, an accident shattered Wren’s peaceful childhood. In the tumult, Wren finds a friend in a handsome, kind-hearted local, Paul Callahan.

When the family gathers in Cottage Cover, old wounds will be healed, new love will blossom, and the innocent prayers of a child will be answered in a most unexpected way.

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