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August 12, 2013

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A Lady’s Choice – Save $13

A Lady’s ChoiceA Lady’s Choice by Sandra Robbins

One woman’s struggle for voting rights places her in danger… and may cost her the love of her life. In 1916, eighteen-year-old Sarah Whittaker is struggling to care for her dying mother when she discovers that the executor of her father’s estate is stealing her inheritance. Young lawyer Alex Taylor defends her cause, and in the process, he wins her heart. But his employer opposes the romance, claiming that Sarah’s budding political beliefs will threaten Alex’s career. Heartbroken yet determined to fight for women’s rights, Sarah travels to Washington, DC, where she begins a journey that will lead from the White House gates to the “Night of Terror” in Occoquan Workhouse. Alex rushes to the nation’s capital to secure Sarah’s freedom, but will he arrive too late?

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Friendships of Purpose – Save $9

Friendships of PurposeFriendships of Purpose by Edna Ellison

Written for two friends to study together, this third book in the “Friend to Friend” series is an interactive Bible study that reveals the remarkable blessings available for those who belong to the family of God. It explores the gifts and heritage God has given His children and how readers can walk worthy of their calling in response to these blessings. This six-week study will encourage individuals and help friends sharpen each other in their faith.

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Heavenly Humor for the Teacher’s Soul – Save $6

Heavenly Humor for the Teacher's SoulHeavenly Humor for the Teacher’s Soul
by Susan O’Carroll Drake

Need a good laugh? Who doesn’t? Find mirth and spiritual refreshment in Heavenly Humor for the Teacher’s Soul, featuring devotional readings drawn from fellow teachers and those who love them. Seventy-five readings will make you laugh, chuckle, chortle, and snicker. And every reading points you to the heavenly Father who knows all about you – and loves you completely.

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She Will Rejoice by Becky Riker

She Will RejoiceShe Will Rejoice
by Becky Riker

She dreamed of fairytales and knights in shining armor.

Forced into a marriage by her domineering father, Naomi wonders if there is any joy to be found in her situation. She is pleasantly surprised to find that Mr. Finneas Haydn is kind, in possession of a good sense of humor, and genuinely likes her. She falls in love with him during the month they spend on their wedding trip.

Then they go home.

Despite his attraction to his feisty bride, Finn finds himself falling into the destructive habits that were so familiar to him before his marriage. He cannot seem to stop himself from hurting Naomi, and he expects her to turn into a bitter replica of his mother. What surprises him is that, instead of treating him as he deserves, Naomi continues to forgive him.

When a shocking secret is revealed, Finn is certain his wife will finally give up on him.

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Darkness Rising – Save $13

Darkness RisingDarkness Rising by Lis Wiehl

The evil in East Salem is no longer content to hide in the shadows. The stakes – and the darkness – are rising.

Dani Harris thought there wasn’t much left that could surprise her after serving as a forensic psychiatrist in East Salem. And Tommy Gunderson has faced few challenges in his life that he couldn’t overcome by either physical strength or his celebrity status.

But as they race to uncover what’s really happening behind the high walls of St. Adrian’s Academy, it becomes clear that supernatural forces have been at work here for generations. And now their focus is on making sure Dani and Tommy don’t interfere.

When the unseen becomes seen, faith is the only weapon strong enough to fight in a battle involving not just murder and betrayal – but angels and demons.

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Clothed with Power – Save $12

Clothed with PowerClothed with Power by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

The Holy Spirit is always at work in the life of a believer. He chooses to work, however, in each individual life almost like a tailor-made suit – one that is custom-fit for the individual. His perfect fit is designed to draw attention to our best features and diminish our weaknesses.

Clothed with Power helps you explore how the Holy Spirit is at work in every area of your life. Designed as a six-week interactive study, national best-selling author and prayer expert Jennifer Kennedy Dean uses the symbolism of the Old Testament priests’ garments to show you anew how your salvation has always been a part of God’s redemptive plan. And, how it is through that salvation that the Holy Spirit is the living Jesus in you now – making you fit for heaven’s work here on earth.

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