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November 8, 2013

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Ready or Not by Chautona Havig

Ready or NotReady or Not by Chautona Havig

Fresh out of college, Aggie Milliken thinks she’s prepared for anything life can throw her way. Think again, Aggie!

After the abrupt loss of her sister and brother-in-law, Aggie is stunned to find herself the sole guardian of their eight lively children. If learning basic parenting skills wasn’t complicated enough, she must also battle the children’s half-crazed grandmother, survive a massive remodeling project, and navigate the waters of new friendships-alone.

She has little experience with children and none with housekeeping, and it shows. What she has going for her is grit, a double dose of determination, and the confidence that this is exactly where the Lord wants her to be. With an unlimited P-mail account and enough hymns to keep her spirits bolstered, she tackles one catastrophe after another.

It seems like nothing Aggie does is right, but ready or not, here she comes!

The order for the Aggie’s Inheritance series is as follows:

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Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul by Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Christian SoulChicken Soup for the Christian Soul by Jack Canfield

These stories will deepen your Christian faith by helping you practice Christian values in your daily life: at home, at work, and in the community. This collection will open your heart to the experience and expression of more love in your life and will remind you that you are never alone or without hope, no matter how challenging and painful your circumstances may be.

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No Turning Back – Save $12

No Turning BackNo Turning Back by Joanne Wilson Meusburger

In 1898, Alex Meissen, son of a wealthy Austrian bureaucrat, falls in love with beautiful Katy Thannen, the household maid. Forbidden to marry, Alex devises a plan for them to sail to America to begin a new life together. When the plan fails, there is no turning back. Alone in New York City, Katy faces a devastating dilemma. If Alex finds her, can they start over considering the secret she now bears?

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Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado

Grace for the MomentGrace for the Moment by Max Lucado

With more than 2,500,000 copies sold, this devotional continues to touch lives as it emphasizes the help and hope of God in everyday moments.

Each daily reading features devotional writings from Max Lucado’s numerous bestsellers as well as a Scripture verse selected especially for that day’s reading. This new classic is available in hardcover as well as in both green and burgundy eurobond leather.

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The Blue Umbrella by Mike Mason

The Blue Umbrella: A NovelThe Blue Umbrella: A Novel by Mike Mason

When Zac Sparks’s mother dies, he’s sent to live in Five Corners with his cruel old Aunties. It isn’t long before Zac knows something strange is going on. Five Corners is populated with weird characters – a midget butler, a girl who doesn’t speak, a blind balloon seller, a mysterious singer, and the Aunties’ father, Dada. Zac’s first encounter with Dada is so terrifying that he faints dead away.

The one bright spot is Sky Porter, a friendly soul who encourages Zac and shows him kindness. But Sky isn’t what he seems either, and when Zac learns Sky’s amazing secret he sees that this wonderful man may have a very dark side as well. Discovering that Dada is an evil magician who is intent on stealing the ultimate treasure, Zac knows that many lives are at stake, including his own.

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My So-Called Life as a Submissive Wife by Sara Horn

My So-Called Life as a Submissive WifeMy So-Called Life as a Submissive Wife by Sara Horn

Can a modern wife be submissive to her husband? In her highly anticipated sequel to My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife, author Sara Horn takes on one of the most widely debated subjects for a Christian wife – marital submission.

What does biblical submission look like for wives today? And why is submission viewed as such a dirty word by so many women and men in our culture, including Christians? Can a happily married couple live out the biblical model of submission and be the better for it?

Horn takes on a one-year experiment to seek answers to these questions and to explore what it means to be submissive as a wife and “helper” to her husband. The answers – and her discoveries – may surprise you. This unique, entertaining, and thought-provoking personal account will challenge women to throw out their preconceived notions of what a submissive wife looks like and seek fresh leading from God for their lives and marriages today.

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When Morning Breaks by Stephanie Boles

When Morning BreaksWhen Morning Breaks by Stephanie Boles

Georgette Rousseau’s family followed the drum to the war-torn Iberian Peninsula. Upon her return to England, only three members of the Rousseau family remain alive. Adopted by her uncle, she begins a new life. Georgette blames her father for her family’s sufferings. She distrusts all men because of his selfishness. Without her uncle’s knowledge, she becomes the infamous Lady Danielle, female novelist, thereby securing her future. But even that cannot help her escape the Gypsy-dark infantry captain who swore he would bring her to justice for her work as a French spy. Will Georgette let God heal her wounded heart? Or will a devastating violation destroy her chance at happiness?

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