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December 25, 2012

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A Proper PursuitA Proper Pursuit
by Lynn Austin
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It seems a perfect backdrop for what Violet Hayes longs to experience: a little mystery, a little romance.

To be honest, it is more than a little mystery. She schemed her way to Chicago to discover the mother she barely remembered. As for romance well, with the help of her grandmother and three great aunts, that is coming along nicely as well perhaps too well. Each of her relatives including her saintly grandmother seems to have a separate agenda for her.

In the course of a summer, Violet’s world will open wide before her eyes. But in the wake of discovery, she must find a way to determine which path and which man will ultimately be the right lifetime choice for her.

Chasing the WindChasing the Wind
by Robert Elmer
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Rumors of missing Nazi treasure are rampant in Europe in the wake of World War 2. And Denmark, home to twelve-year-old twins Peter and Elise Andersen, is no exception.

Hoping to strike it rich, Peter, Elise, and their friend Henrik begin investigating the mysterious site of a recent sinking in Helsingør Harbor. But when the twins and Henrik discover they are not the only ones interested in the sunken ship, their sleuthing leads them into greater danger than they ever imagined! A split-second decision lands the three on a renegade German submarine, staffed by a crazy crew that refuses to admit defeat. Suddenly, Peter, Elise, and Henrik are the only witnesses to a plot to smuggle priceless treasures out from under the noses of the Allied victors!

The order for the Young Underground series is as follows:

[Hot Deal] Like Sweet Potato Pie – Save 77%

Like Sweet Potato PieLike Sweet Potato Pie by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

Witness as Shiloh’s new life in Virginia crumbles around her. The house she inherited from her mother is much more than a place to live – it represents Shiloh’s changed life and what little financial security she has. But her half sister is contesting their mother’s will and the IRS is threatening to take it for back taxes. She’s also discovering God’s ideal when it comes to love and romance. When Mr. Right shows up will she recognize God’s hand or let circumstances and prejudices blind her heart to the love of her life?

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[Hot Deal] A Christmas Journey Home – Save 92%

A Christmas Journey HomeA Christmas Journey Home by Kathi Macias

During Isabella Alcantara’s seventh month of pregnancy, her parents and siblings are murdered in gang and drug-related violence, simply because their home was targeted by mistake. Isabella knows she was spared only because she now lives in a different location, but she knows too that the same thing could easily happen to her and her husband, Francisco. When her grandfather offers to hire a “coyote” to bring them across the border to America, she agrees. But Francisco and Isabella are abandoned by the coyote and left to die. Francisco then valiantly sacrifices himself to get Isabella to safety. Homeless, nearly penniless, pregnant, and alone, Isabella determines to find a way to honor her promise to her beloved husband.

Living on one of the smaller spreads along the Arizona border, Miriam Nelson becomes furious with God and turns from her faith when her
border patrol agent husband, David, is killed in a skirmish with drug smugglers. Though her mother and young son do their best to woo her back from the anger and bitterness that have overtaken her, they make little headway.

Two widows – one driven by fear and a promise, the other by bitterness and revenge – must make their journeys along different pathways, but with the same destination: a barn full of animals that stands waiting for them on Christmas Eve. Forced to face their personal demons, Isabella and Miriam soon discover a common yearning that will bind them together in a most miraculous way.

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[Hot Deal] To Love and to Cherish (The Bliss Creek Amish) – Save 82%

To Love and to Cherish (The Bliss Creek Amish)To Love and to Cherish (The Bliss Creek Amish) by Kelly Irvin

In author Kelly Irvin’s first installment in the Bliss Creek Amish series, readers will find a charming, romantic story of how God works even in the darkest moments.

It’s been four years since Carl left. Four years since he left the safety of the small Amish community for the Englisch world. And in four years, Emma’s heart has only begun to heal.

Now, with the unexpected death of her parents, Emma is plunged back into a world of despair and confusion. It’s a confusion only compounded by Carl’s return. She’s supposed to be in love with him…so why can’t she keep her mind off Thomas, the strong, quiet widower who always seems to be underfoot? Could the man she only knew as a friend be the one to help her to heal?

In a world that seems to be changing no matter how tightly she clings to the past, this one woman must see beyond her pain and open her heart to trust once again.

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