4 Free Kindle Books for Tuesday: Christian Fiction

August 7, 2012

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Talk of the TownTalk of the Town
by Lisa Wingate
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The show American Megastar is the hottest thing on television but its associate producer, Mandalay Florentino, is worried. She’s just arrived in the tiny town of Daily, Texas, to arrange a surprise “reunion concert” for hometown finalist Amber Amberson. Only it turns out everyone in town seems to know the secret. And paparazzi are arriving. Word from Hollywood is that Amber has disappeared with a “bad boy” actor. Can anything go right in this tumbleweed town?

Imagene Doll loves her town of Daily, Texas, but things are lonely without her beloved husband. Life seems dull. At least until that fancy-dressed woman pulls into town, looking terrified and glamorous all at once. Soon life’s not the least bit boring as Imagene and the rest of Daily find themselves at the center of a media maelstrom–with a young girl’s future on the line.

The order for the Welcome to Daily series is as follows:

by Patricia Strefling
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Chicago entrepenuer Cecelia Grace Giatano is rich, beautiful, and successful. She steps into a boardroom and handles business affairs with faultless finesse, but when it comes to personal relationships, she’s clueless. Running from the insecurities of her childhood – she will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. When opportunities of a lifetime land in her lap, Cecelia feels she’s sitting at the top of the world: until she attends her younger sister, Edwina’s, wedding in Edinburgh. Suddenly her existence doesn’t look as exciting…or fulfilling. When her perfect life begins to crumble, Spencer Hallman, her faithful business associate, is there to pick up the pieces. However, Cecelia’s walls are too thick and too high. She can’t see the love he offers. Will she make another bad decision and lose it all.

Grace for the Char-BakedGrace for the Char-Baked
by Lisa Buffaloe
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With “Char” as a nickname, Charlotte Wilson’s cooking skills are more incendiary than culinary. Charlotte is the last person on earth who should run a bake sale. But when her plans of running in a charity marathon are side-lined by a broken foot, her old flame’s suggestion becomes a challenge amidst her friend’s simmering doubts.

Luke Hammond has spent the last five years studying and preparing to travel overseas as a medical missionary. When his high school sweetheart unexpectedly comes back in his life, Luke wrestles with what he feels God calling him to be and what he wants to do. His reappearance rekindles an attraction that could char Luke and Charlotte’s heart or cook up the perfect romance.

Stealing JennyStealing Jenny
by Ellen Gable
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After three heartbreaking miscarriages, Tom and Jenny Callahan are happily anticipating the birth of their sixth child. A neighbor, however, is secretly hatching a sinister plot which will find Jenny and her unborn baby fighting for their lives.

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Sandy Carter August 7, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Thank You so much for the Christian Books!

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John Debbie Sturdefant August 7, 2012 at 9:34 pm

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