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September 28, 2012

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by Karen Noland
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Sparks fly when a young widow left with a cattle ranch to manage, hires an itinerant cowboy running from his past. Their future together is forged by God’s providence and the sacrifice of a mysterious Comanche warrior.

Kate Shaughnessey faces a difficult decision, attempt to keep her family’s life together on their homestead in the Oklahoma Territory in the wake of her husband’s sudden death, or sell the precious land that is all they have left to Matt Johnson, a ruthless cattle baron.

Luke Josey is running from his past. What secrets haunt this enigmatic man? Can he truly be free from his sins and learn to love again? One thing is certain, he will fight to protect the family that has adopted him as their own.

An uplifting story of spiritual renewal, personal sacrifice and coming home.

Love At The SawmillLove At The Sawmill
by Cordelia Zynn
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On Sunday morning, Tiffany Dennis is the picture of femininity with her long hair flowing down he back of her sundress as she and her ailing mother attend church. In contrast, throughout the workweek she trades in dainty sandals for steel-toe boots, wears denim clothing and secures her ponytail beneath a hardhat to operate the sawmill she inherited from her dad.

Tiffany thought it was just another day at work until the tall, handsome man doning a cowboy hat appeared on the scene…

Beyond the Event HorizonBeyond the Event Horizon
by Scott McElhaney
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Award winning mainstream author Scott McElhaney is now reintroducing his first award-winning novel of Christian Sci-fi. This book was originally published under the pseudonym Scott Curtis and received rave reviews from both the scientific community as well as the religious community. This is a full-length novel that will take you on a journey through time and across the galaxy.

Skylar Rains has made a significant breakthrough regarding the future of time travel. Testing this theory however leaves him stranded 1100 years in the future with no hope of return. What he discovers is a frightening world devoid of all life. Now he must sift through the clues to learn what became of the world he once knew. Much to his surprise, he finds that these clues may lead him to another planet nearly 12 light years away.

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